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Bathtime is such a fun, magical time of bonding for Jax and I. I always look forward to the end of the day when I put him in the tub and just watch him play. I remember all too well the transition from infant tub to big boy bath and how often he would slip and fall. It’s a scary place to fall and I want to do everything I can to protect him.

I did buy a bath mat to put in the tub but it was really gross! The bottom didn’t stick well and the water would collect and get moldy underneath. While it might have been protecting him from slipping and falling, it was definitely exposing him to other dangers.

When looking at new bath mats, the thing I liked about the Anti-Slip Mat from Dreambaby was that it had a double layer of protection! Not only does it protect him from falls; it also has a “too hot” indicator if the water is above a temperature that is comfortable for him. This is the first I’ve seen with that protection so I knew it was “the one.”

There is a portion in the star that will change if the water is too hot. I love that it’s just a part of the picture of the mat so it blends right in to the kids but to the mom it can be a lifesaver!


The other thing I noticed about this mat compared to our last is that it is softer and more cushy so it provides more comfort and protection for those inevitable falls in the tub. The suction cups are strategically placed around the edge for maximum sticking power and throughout the mat in the middle. I like that the circles are actually part of the design on the other side and look like bubbles so they blend right in!


It also happens to match perfectly in the kids bathroom. I used to have an “adult” themed bathroom but recently changed it over to be more kid friendly. After all, it IS primarily their bathroom. Guests that use it are exactly that: guests! My permanent residents got to pick out their decor this time around. While the animals are different, the colors matched perfectly with this new mat!


It also happens to match well with their toy organizer Peli’s Play Pouch! If you missed my review on that one, you can check it out here!

My kids love the new Anti Slip bath mat because it keeps them comfortable and I love it because it keeps them safe. As a fun little bonus, it ads to their creative playtime in the tub. I heard Paige pretending she was a mermaid swimming with the underwater sea creatures and she asked me for her goggles so she could get a closer look. Priceless!



Product Description

Dream baby Anti-Slip Suction Bath Mat is an important addition to any home safety checklist. With the textured surface they help stop slipping and nasty falls in any bath or shower recess and provide extra protection to keep little and big people safe. The added “Too Hot” water indicator helps to take the guesswork away from whether the water is too hot for your little one.


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