How Flower Therapy Can Help Lift Your Mood

If you’ve ever had a bouquet of flowers delivered to your door, you know the wonderful sense of pleasure they can bring. Receiving a gift of flowers brings a smile to our faces. It tells us someone is thinking of us and that they have loving feelings for us. To receive something so beautiful as a bouquet makes us feel just as beautiful. Flowers have an incredible ability to lift our moods and promote healing. After all, bouquets are traditionally sent to people spending time in hospital.

There are hundreds of species of flowers out there that are common to bouquets. Not only is the presentation of the flowers important to their effect, but the colours and structure of the plants are too. A display of fresh flowers in the home can greatly enhance your interior decor too. They provide shape and form, as well as a splash of colour to keep your home fresh and inviting.

Our sense of smell is the best of the five to invoke memories. The pleasant aromas of freshly cut flowers can help those with dementia recall details from their past. If you buy a bouquet from somewhere like, you can see a photo of the display you will be getting to help you choose. Flowers like Irises are said to inspire creativity and provoke thought. Flowers can provide your brain with lots of positive stimulation.

Many people are starting to realise that flower therapy and colour therapy could be closely related. If you are looking to cheer someone up who is feeling frail, you might want to buy them a bouquet full of yellow, green and cream. These colours are said to be most helpful to those who feel blue. Daffodils and sunflowers can provide the tones of yellow you may be looking for. Creamy carnations, tulips or roses help provide the lighter shades.

To bring some romance into a room, look to hot pinks, deep reds and fiery oranges. Roses come in every colour, but you can mix up your floral arrangement with pink carnations and colourful tulips. Flowers are also used to convey meaning in relationships. If you give gardenias, it means you have a secret love for the recipient, and gerberas are given to bring cheer. Orchids and lilies are very feminine flowers and mean the recipient is graceful and beautiful.

Whenever you are feeling in a bad mood, bringing fresh flowers into the home can help alleviate it. Even those suffering from depression or anxiety experience relief in their symptoms from flowers. Most surprisingly, those who regularly keep fresh flowers in their home have an increase in their compassion for others. Flowers seem to encourage kindness in people. For those who usually feel grumpy first thing in the morning, wanting to see the blooms when they wake up is a good distraction.

Colour therapy has been used for years to help people prone to unhappiness feel better. Bright and vibrant plant colours can help energise you and revitalise your positive mood. Muted and subtle colours closer to pastel can help soothe you and calm you. Understanding this can help you relax and unwind after a difficult day. The green of the stems and leaves seems to be the key to helping the coloured blooms lift your mood.

If you use your kitchen first thing in the morning for breakfast, you might choose brighter colours for your vase here. The vibrancy of the flowers can perk you up and set you on course for an energetic day. If you tend to wind down in your living room in the evening, then pick subtle tones of cream, pink and green to promote calm and relaxation. Your bathroom, bedroom and hallway are all great places to have vases of flowers too, so think about the mood you wish to promote here.


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Violet is one of the most popular colours for bouquets. Yellow compliments violet beautifully. There are so many yellow flowers to choose from, like daffodils and sunflowers. You can create structurally interesting bouquets very easily with these. Violets are small and charming and work well inserted between the larger yellow flowers. Bright, vibrant reds from pansies work well with the bright blues of irises and blue tulips. However, the height difference can make a bouquet display tricky. Poppies may be a better option here.


Snake plants, spider plants and rubber plants are all excellent at providing you with fresh oxygen through the day. They have various tones of green to their leaves and are thought to be the easiest and healthiest plants to keep in the home. Lavender is a beautiful colour and provides a natural scent that promotes relaxation and sleep. Jasmine may be trickier to source and look after but smells sweet and inviting. Dwarf limes bring plenty of fresh scents into your home to make you feel clean and refreshed.


Some people use aromatherapy to help improve their medical complaints and emotional conditions. This is nothing new. Plants and flowers have been used throughout human history for many reasons. Dyes from plants were among the first inks for drawing and writing. They were also used to colour clothing. Oils from plants can be taken as medicines. Research into this area continues in medical laboratories today. The scents plants provide could well have healing benefits, and you can take advantage of this with fresh flowers in your home.


Having fresh flowers in the home will certainly bring a smile to your face, and many bouquets can last for two weeks. You could also take carefully selected bouquets into the workplace. This could help improve your mood and concentration. For those who work in windowless offices, plants and flowers can make a big difference to your day. They provide colour and oxygen to help compensate for the lack of natural light and air. Flowers bring a smile to our faces and smiling is one of the best ways to combat stress and depression. Book your order of flowers today, and see how many times you smile each time you look at them.


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