Tons of Fun in a Can from These Glow Stick Bracelets #Review #GlowSticks


My kids just love glow sticks so they were thrilled to see this giant tube of 100 glow stick bracelets arrive! I loved the Patriotic container that they came in that looks like a giant firecracker; and how fitting since it contains things that glow!

We had a little pre-trick-or-treating-party on Halloween and so the kids and I made goodie bags that had glow sticks in it! On a night that’s meant to be outside in the dark where you want your kids to be seen, these glow sticks certainly come in handy!

I thought there were not as many colors as pictured because it looked like just oranges, yellows, pinks and reds. When we lit them up though, some that appeared clear were actually blues and purples.

I like that they can make bracelets with them or hook several together end to end to make necklaces. It’s always nice to give kids options! Paige got creative and looped a bunch into a crown. What princess doesn’t want a glow in the dark crown?

IMG_6001 IMG_6004

I did notice while we were trick or treating that two of my sons bracelets leaked on him. The nice thing about having 100 is I just easily replaced them. The lights were nice and bright enough for me to always see where my kids were. The actually lasted all night and in the morning when I went in their rooms, I could still see a dull glow coming from them so they last longer then the ones we usually get at the local dollar store.

The 100 glow still bracelets are $8.99 on Amazon which works out to be less than ten cents each. That’s even cheaper than what we pay at the dollar store at five for a dollar so it definitely pays to buy in bulk like this. Since some leaked I don’t think the quality is perfect but for glow sticks that are meant to be used once, I don’t think it matters much!

Another fun thing we did with the glow sticks was have a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt! I read about this on Pinterest and since we had a camping trip around Easter the timing was perfect! We just made them into bracelets, twisted them into a figure 8 and then put them in the eggs. We hid them at dusk and the kids had a blast searching for their eggs! We tried to put the same colors in the same color eggs and each kid had their own color to keep it even and fair.

We have a couple of camping trips coming up soon and I plan on putting what remains of our glow sticks in our trailer for lots more fun camping memories!



Product Description

The best quality – Long lasting – Super Bright Glow Sticks-
Create super bright glowing bracelets, necklaces, glasses and more with the Super Bright Glow Sticks!
Includes 100 premium quality glow sticks – 8″ long premium quality glow bracelets
Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting! The longest lasting glow sticks
Non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant Glow Sticks – Premium Quality


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