Kids Love to be Independent and this Folding Step Stool Helps them Accomplish that! #ChefcooStool


I don’t know about your kids but mine love, love, love to be independent! My five and seven year olds really want to do everything themselves now, which is a great relief to me! My one year old copies everything they do so if he sees them do it, he wants to do it.

Step stools in the house are an absolute necessity. I keep them in the bathroom and the kitchen and I periodically see them in different areas of the house when the kids are trying to get to something. They love to help me cook and bake so it’s nice to have one in the kitchen. They are just a little too small for the bathroom sinks so I keep them there as well.

This Chefcoo stool happened to match perfectly with my bathroom so I chose to put it there even though it has a cute logo that would look great in the kitchen!


We have several different kinds of stools but the thing that makes this one unique and preferable is that it’s collapsable. I love that I can fold it and put it away if I need to. We go camping and have a trailer that needs a stool so I’m thinking of getting another one just for that purpose! It’s nice to have something that you can put out of sight.

I also like that it is taller than your average tool. This is especially helpful for the littlest among us; my one year old Jax. He chooses the taller stool every time!


I was a little worried when I saw that it was a folding stool that it would be flimsy or collapse when you didn’t want it to. It actually is pretty sturdy and we haven’t had any problems with it. Stools are a must have for growing, independent little people and this is a great one!



Product Description

A kid’s height can be a big limitation to the number of facilities they can use in the home. Until they grow tall enough, it is just impossible for them to reach over counters tops, reach light switches, shelves and top refrigerator compartments. Most of children try to solve this problem by using their toys as stepping stools. Unfortunately, this kind of improvisation is usually very risky. They can easily fall, as most of the items they use are never stable enough.

The Kiddie mini small folding stepping stool measured by 10 x 8 x 8 inches brings a great deal of independence to your home. It is a stable stepping stool that makes it possible for young ones to reach facilities like the bathroom sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth; or the kitchen sink to rinse their own utensils after meals.

✔ The kiddie mini stool is so strong even adults can use it.
✔ The stool’s folding design makes it very easy to store away under your bed
or in tight closets without it occupying a big space.
✔ Its lightweight makes it very easy for kids to carry around the house.
✔ It has a comfortable handle that also makes it easier for kids to carry.
✔ Very safe thanks to a specially designed non-skid top.
✔ It is a stable stool great for use in the kitchen, bathroom and RV’s.
✔ It is small, compact, and lightweight.
✔ Eases certain tasks like; changing light bulbs.
✔ It is much safer than climbing over household furniture.


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