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Having three children I have learned a lot about what to spend money on and what to save money on. Some things you can go cheap on but then others, well, you get what you pay for! I learned the hard way after trying all different kinds of water flotation devices with my older kids that this is something where you do get what you pay for.

I didn’t expect my dollar tree blow up floats to last long but there were some I put a little more money into that still disappointed. When I saw the SwimWays Baby Spring Float I thought it looked like a good quality floatation device for Jax, just in time for summer!

I could tell the quality surpassed all others I’ve tried as soon as I opened it. It came in a nice bag to hold it in and was completely collapsed inside with a strap for easy carrying to the beach or a pool.


When I opened it up, I knew this was going to be the one that lasted. For one thing, it wasn’t made of some cheap, plastic material. It was good thick material that won’t rip, tear or get a hole in it!


There were two sections that I had to blow up to put air in them and then the top had to be attached in a couple places but that was about the extent of the assembly!


I like that you have the option to have the canopy off or on. In Southern California we are basically having summer weather already but it’s not consistent so right now, the extra warmth is nice. However, when it starts to get in the 90’s and 100’s I definitely want the canopy up to give Jax full protection from the sun!


I tossed the float in the water first to check it out and of course it floated away perfectly! When I went to get Jax in it the first time I did have a little bit of trouble. The bottom where they sit is like a little mesh seat. Since it’s mesh, it floats and it was a struggle to get his legs in the holes while it was in the water.

Live and learn! Next time I used it I put his legs through and THEN put it in the water. This made it much easier. It was easy to pull him out while still in the water but just not getting in.

My older two kids are on a swim team and learning to swim was extremely important to me. With friends and relatives that have pools, swimming is a life skill that can be life saving. It’s not an option to me! National Learn to Swim Day is coming up May 16th and it’s important to remember how life saving this can be. Every year I hear horror stories of people losing their precious children to drownings and want to do everything I can to protect mine.

My older two kids have pretty much passed the test when it comes to being able to survive if they fall in the water but Jax is just sixteen months old. The first step is getting him comfortable in the water, which he is! Next was getting this SwimWays baby spring float to help show him how he can float in the water and that his legs and arms can control his movement.

At this stage we are just basically pushing him around in the water but I am confident that by the end of summer he will be kicking and moving himself around with ease! I feel better knowing this SwimWays float is such good quality and won’t puncture or deflate on him while in use! Summer is coming and we are ready!



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About the SpringWays Baby Spring Float

Swim Step 1 – Water Introduction
“It’s my first time in the pool!”

Introduce your baby to the water with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy. Our adorable baby float is full of features you and your baby will love:
Fabric-covered inflation and a soft mesh seat for durability and comfort.
Lower center of gravity, safety valves and dual air chambers ensure security.
Jet Valve™ technology – inflates and deflates easily.
Includes adjustable and removable canopy for added shade.
Mesh play space for toys and splashing.
Patented inner spring ensures stability and portability.
Easily folds and stores in included carry tote.
Features the bright colors that babies love.
Ages: 9-24 mos.

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