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Does your baby stay covered when sleeping? If they are anything like mine, they toss and turn all night and it doesn’t take long for them to get uncovered. I usually find Jax with blankets everywhere except ON him!


I always really liked the sleep sacks for my baby’s when they were little but they seemed to always outgrow them by six months. Little did I know that they actually make larger ones for older babies! I tried the Merino Kids Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Sack and it’s made for babies 2 – 4 years! He’s just sixteen months but he’s already wearing 2T so that’s why I didn’t go with the smaller size. I figure the longer he can use it, the better!

While there are warmer options, this sleeveless one was perfect for the coming summer months. I don’t want him to overheat but often we run the air conditioning so he does need some protection. Since it’s organic cotton, it breathes and he won’t overheat.

I really love the soft feel of it that I know is going to be touching my baby’s skin all night. This won’t irritate his skin like some materials can.

It snaps at the very top on the shoulder and then there is one more under the armpit before the zipper begins which carries the rest of the way all the way down the side and bottom. Since it snaps at the top and unzips at the side, you can conveniently do a diaper change without taking them completely out.

Speaking of diaper changes, that leads me to my absolute favorite feature! There are little peekaboo pockets on the front and the back so you can check for a wet diaper without completely unzipping and removing them! Genius!


This Merino Kids Organic Cotton Sleep Sack is my new favorite bedtime thing for Jax! I know he won’t uncover himself and will have the perfect level of comfort and warmth during these coming summer months.



mkggcoml.main_3Product Description

Merino Kids Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Sack For Toddlers 2-4 years, Mulberry

Features two layers of organic cotton, 100% natural and GOTS-certified. No pesticides or other chemicals used.
Replaces blankets. Baby can’t slip underneath or wriggle out and wake uncovered and cold.
Fits growing child safely and comfortably for up to two years. Excellent value compared to other sleep sacks that last only a few months.
Innovative safety belt aperture makes it easy to transfer sleeping child between car seat, stroller and nursery to maintain sleep routine.
Ideal for use in warmer conditions. Can be worn over merino or cotton sleepwear to suit different room temperatures.


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