Have your Kids Work out their Frustrations with the Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag #Review #velocityboxing


The second I saw this punching bag I knew I had to have it for my kids! What an awesome way to work out frustrations while developing athletic skills at the same time!


I had my five and seven year olds in mind for this since it’s recommended for ages five and up but that’s never stopped my sixteen month old from wanting to do what big brother and sister do! In fact, I think he’s the most obsessed! It’s pretty funny to watch him climb up on the table to reach it and hit it over and over again! Instead of hitting it though, he just pulls it towards him and lets it fly!


It is adjustable in height which works out well for my older two kids since there in some height difference between them. You just turn the knob on the main p0le and make your adjustment.

I really like that it came with everything we needed to put it together and then to use it including a pump.


The gloves it comes with are great quality and fit both of my older children well.  They protect their hands from getting hurt while they give it all they’ve got while punching!


I keep this in my living room and it’s become a useful tool for me! My older two kids are opposite and fight a lot. Whenever they start fighting I make the instigator go and hit the bag for five minutes! The funny thing is that they both want to do it so I have to let them take turns. Sometimes I’ll be in the other room and I just hear the sound it makes when it gets hit. I love having something in the house where they can be active and work out anything they need to!

The children’s deluxe freestanding punching bag is great quality and has been a lot of fun for our entire family. I love that it doesn’t have to be hung and can be moved anywhere we want it. Now we just have to get one for mom and dad, and yes, there is one for grown-ups!




Product Description

Velocity Boxing Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag
Comes with a Pair of 10″ 6 Oz. Gloves
Also Includes a Hand Pump to Inflate Bag
Adjustable Height from 35 to 53″, Recommended for Ages 5+ and Up
Base Diameter: 14.5″, Base can be Filled with up to 50 Lbs. of Sand or Water for Maximum Stability



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