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There is one thing I have learned with having three children: potty training is by far one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced in motherhood! However, on the bright side, it DOES get easier with each child. That’s why I got this carry potty for Jax even though he’s only sixteen months. This child does everything YEARS before his brother and sister did so I’m hoping that includes potty training!

One of the tips I’ve read on successful potty training is getting them started early – not by forcing them to try – but just by having a potty around for them to get comfortable and familiar with. It doesn’t hurt to have a cute potty like this bumble bee or the cow and ladybug options!

This potty is absolutely adorable and Jax immediately wanted to play with it. I told him what it was and what he was going to do with it but the first time I gave it to him I just watched to see what he would do. There were a few hits and misses!



He did eventually figure out he was supposed to sit ON it as opposed to IN it or standing in it!


Now that he knows what it is used for, I started reading Jax the book that is included called George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties. He loves books so this really is a great way to get him interested and a general understanding.


Also included in the book is a removable sticker chart, with the stickers, to track progress! I didn’t take those out just yet but as soon as I think he is ready, I will put it up wherever I’m going to work with him. The book has great potty training tips in the back that suggests you keep it wherever they spend the most time. For now I have it in his playroom to let him play with it until I think he’s ready to use it – the right way!


I really like that this is designed to go so that you can take it with me! I know both my older kids took about a year to go to the bathroom in a public potty after they were potty training so this would have been a lifesaver. It’s also designed to seal shut so if you aren’t able to empty it right away, it shouldn’t have any leakage! I did put some water in it and even shook it up a little to give it a leak test and not a drop spilled. That’s good to know ahead of time!

The only slight misgiving I have about this potty is the interior design. There isn’t much of a lip to sit on so they will be sitting on a very small edge. I suppose their legs are supposed to do the work of holding them but it just looks like it’ll be slightly uncomfortable, especially for an older child.


All in all I really like the carry potty and how well thought out all the details are by including the book and the sticker chart. You have everything you need to ensure success and you can enter to win one below!



Product Description

Whether it’s at home or out & about, the My Carry Potty is the only potty a toddler will ever need. Lightweight, leak/odor proof, uses no bags. Great emergency potty for long car rides!

We offer the My Carry Potty in three fun designs. Let your child pick between the Bee, The Cow or the LadyBug. The potty training book has progress chart and stickers for child to paste into the story book. The story book accompanies child’s efforts in potty training making potty training a more funfilled experience.

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  1. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I would choose the ladybug potty.

  2. James Robert says:

    I think the bee but since I am entering for my cousins son, I guess I should ask to be sure

  3. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love the cow its so cute!

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