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I have seen many different experiment kits geared for little boys but this is the first I’ve seemed designed specifically for little girls. It’s about time! Girls like science too! In my house it’s actually my five year old daughter Paige that’s into this kind of thing than my boys.

I really like the whole package and concept behind Adventurer Abby because it’s about more than just the experiment and it’s beautifully executed!

The Kit

First of all, the kit includes more than just a science experiment. Girls in general are known to be more relational than boys so it makes perfect sense that this kit comes with Abby’s story. Who is Abby? Why does she like science? What’s her life like? All these questions are answered in The Introduction book which is clearly labeled with a number 1 so you know to read that first.


The First Adventure

The second thing, labeled with a 2, is The First Adventure Elephant Foam. This again tells a story behind the experiment and why it is being conducted. I loved this! Why are we doing this experiment? Why does Abby need help?

The Experiment

Now that we know why Abby needs help and what we need to do, we move on to the actual experiment to do it. The Elephant Foam Experiment (or whatever experiment is being done that month) is labeled with a number 3 and what’s included. I really appreciated that everything was included except for warm water. It’s very well thought out down to the safety goggles and two pairs of gloves.

I used this opportunity to talk with Paige a little bit about safety. She was pretty excited that one of the pairs of gloves were pink. The blue ones were for me, of course.


The experiment is 8 very easy steps. Since Paige is just learning to read in Kindergarten, I read them to her and she carried them out. I liked that the instructions just didn’t say “do this.” They also asked questions to get her thinking and made statements and explanations about what was being done.


When it was time for the foam to actually come out, we moved to the sink based on the recommendation in the instructions. I videotaped the reaction, mainly because I wanted to see Paige’s response and she did not disappoint!


She was so excited she called her brother Reed who is seven and wanted nothing to do with it. Guess who played with the foam in the bathroom for an hour after we finished? Exactly.


This might be designed with girls in mind but boys will love it too!

The Cliffhanger

The final card number 4 is in an envelope that you only open after the experiment has been completed. It continue’s with Abby’s story and how the experiment helped her. And of course it left us with a little cliffhanger about what was to come next month! It’s a very clever way to get your little girl hooked on these experiments, the story of Abby and what is to come.

My Conclusion

I was really impressed with The Adventurer Abby from start to finish! I really liked that everything was included that we would need so I didn’t have to go hunting for things. I also liked the simplicity of the experiment and that my five year old could basically do it on her own. (The recommended age is 6 – 9 but she’s a couple months away from that). My favorite part of the whole thing is the connection with Abby and how the experiment relates to her story. Paige felt like she was a part of something and helping Abby out! I think that is what makes this subscription kit truly unique and puts it high above the rest in my book!


About Adventurer Abby

What is Adventurer Abby?

Adventurer Abby is a subscription science kit and story series for girls aged 6 to 9. Each chapter in Abby’s story comes with a complete science kit! As your child accompanies Abby on her adventures, she will do the experiments, learning the WHAT, HOW and WHY of science in an easy and fun way.

Along the way, Abby may encounter challenges where she needs to:

Find out just exactly what a catalyst is
Make any ball …. bouncy?
Discover how to depress freezing points
Grasp the Polymer-Slime Relationship
… And Many More!

Why Adventurer Abby?

We are very passionate about the social impact of our mission as we have seen firsthand how few women there are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors and careers. We believe the solution to this problem is to expose females to STEM as early and as often as possible, and Adventurer Abby was designed to shape and empower our world’s next generation of female scientists and engineers.

Connect with Adventurer Abby

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