5 Simple Ways To Add Glamor To Any Outfit

All of us would love to look glamorous 24/7. However, without a style team following us around everywhere we go, this can be a difficult desire to fulfill. But POSHGLAM is here to let you in on a few style secrets that will make it easier for you to look and feel glamorous all the time. All you’ll need to succeed are a few wardrobe and beauty essentials and the determination to look your very best! Let’s get started:

1 Let your jewelry do the leg work

One of the simplest but most effective ways to glam up a simple outfit is with jewelry. A beautiful watch is not only practical but can make an outfit complete. In the new collection of watch styles for 2015, black, gold, tortoiseshell and rose gold are all taking the lead. Wear your elegant watch with a number of equally elegant bracelets and cuffs in different shapes, styles and sizes. Statement necklaces and earrings will also make you look and feel glamorous. Brassy tones, colorful jewels, and geometric shapes will transform your simple black dress into an outfit worthy of the red carpet.

2 Wear it tailored

Have you noticed that the most glamorous women in the world always look as if they are wearing clothes that were made especially for them? Well, that’s because they are! A glamorous outfit should fit you absolutely perfectly and highlight your figure. Take a look at your garments. Are they too loose around the shoulders or baggy at the derrière, for example? If so, it would be a good idea to get them altered, so they fit you better. You will look and feel far more glamorous in garments that flatter your figure.


Photo: Steven Santiago

3 Go for sleek hair styles

The trouble with a big bouncy hairstyle that you’ve worked hard on to perfect is that as soon as you leave the house it loses its oomph. Save these styles for evenings out or special occasions and opt for sleeker looks for every day. Smooth straight hair, a ballerina bun or a sleek ponytail or braid are stunning styles that are more likely to stay that way throughout the day.

4 Keep it clean

You will feel scruffy and unglamorous if your clothes are dirty or crushed. Always make sure your clothes are clean, well-pressed and hung properly in your wardrobe. You might find it best to stay away from fabrics like linen that crush very easily and to stick to more structured materials.

5 Match your makeup with your outfit

Another effective way to enhance the glamor of your outfit is to use your makeup to echo your look. So, bring out the colors and tones in your garments more by using them on your eyes and lips. And commit to your style. For example, a figure hugging pencil skirt with tucked in blouse would look extra glamorous when worn with an equally sexy, smokey makeup style.
Looking glamorous all the time is hard work for everyone. However, these secrets will make it simple for you to look and feel stylish and sophisticated all the time. Thanks for reading.

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