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It’s summertime in Southern California! Well not technically but when it’s 80 degrees out on a regular basis, it’s safe to say summer is basically here! When the weather is nice, we practically live outside! With three kids and an active lifestyle, I try to spend more time outside than in. While this is great for us in so many ways, it’s not so great for our skin.

As I quickly approach forty I’m realizing more and more that I need to take care of my skin. As moms I think we are so guilty of taking care of our kids, only to neglect ourselves. I never spend a significant amount of time outside without slathering my three kids in sunblock. By the time I’m done with that battle, putting sunblock on myself is the last thing on my mind, but it shouldn’t be!

As we are getting close to Mother’s Day I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon that seems to be so common. It’s normal to put our kids before ourselves but it should never be at our expense, especially when it comes to our health. I want to grow old and watch my kids raise their own children. While skin cancer isn’t on the top list of things I worry about, again, it should be! It’s so much more common than we realize and the thing about skin cancer that separates it from the others is it’s level of prevention!

We are basically gambling with our lives when we don’t take care of our skin. I have really made more of a conscious effort the last couple of years as I see the effect it has on me aging. I have a couple sun spots on my face and I’m sure it has contributed to my wrinkles as well. I can’t just blame my kids for that one!

I have noticed a growing trend the past couple of years with kids clothing and bathing suits. A lot of them now have SPF built in! Wonderful! But you know what I don’t see? The same thing for adults! When I found Coolibar I thought, finally!

When you think of SPF being in clothing, what comes to mind? I pictured long sleeved gardening wear! Probably because that’s the only SPF I’ve ever seen for adults. Well no more! These are super cute, fashionable clothes that I actually want to wear! Here are just a few of the things in their Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

April28_MothersDayBannerSuper cute right? When I was shopping their website I had a lot of trouble deciding on something! I decided to be practical and get something that would get a lot of use. We do a lot of beach trips, lake trips and just hanging out at pools during the summer and I don’t have a good cover up. When I saw the Poolside Cover up Hoodie, I had to have it!


Now I have to warn you, this is going to be more expensive than your typical cover up. Sometimes that means higher quality and other times it doesn’t. In this case, it does! I was beyond impressed when I opened up the package and felt the material! It is amazingly soft but also thick and sturdy so I know it’ll last.

I really like the length. I’m a mom whose had three babies so my clothing has definitely gotten more modest over the years. I think this is the perfect blend of modesty without being prudish. It comes to the perfect length and my two favorite things: a hoodie and pockets!

I love, love, love hoodies! I don’t know why but I just do. Practically, it can get chilly after a swim so it’s nice to have the option for extra warmth AND protection. The pockets I think are just cute. I did stick my phone and keys in them while at a friends pool the other day and it was nice having them easily accessible but can also keep hands warm on a chilly beach night!


I think the fit is just perfect. I like things a little bit on the loose side and prefer sleeves and bottoms that are really long. I got a size small based on their size chart and it fit perfectly! I hesitate to get a Small anything because sometimes that means super tiny but this was just right!

This Mother’s Day, most moms love clothing so why not give them the gift of being outside without fear of skin damage? There are tons of adorable things to choose from at Coolibar and you have the added comfort of knowing you are giving her something that will keep her safe and with you for many years to come.



Product Description

Everything about our lightweight ZnO Poolside Cover-Up Hoodie is relaxed and casual. Loose front pockets, a deep V-neck, a hood with a drawcord all combine to say: let’s go to the beach! ZnO SUNTECT® fabric features zinc oxide particles embedded into the fibers. Sun protection that won’t wash or wear out!

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Coolibar is trying to raise awareness during the month of May because it’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout May, Coolibar is giving the American Cancer Society $1 for every order placed. As an added incentive, they are also offering 15% off the entire order using the code ACS15.  Here is link with more info:

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