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This book was different than what I expected. To be honest, my kids and I didn’t love The Day is Waiting the first time around. To me it just seemed a bit scattered and disconnected. My five year old daughter described it as “boring.” Ouch!

Never one to give up on a children’s book the first time, I read the back to see what the author was thinking. I obviously didn’t connect with him immediately but I figured something was just getting lost in translation so sometimes it helps to find out his intent.

In this book, the reader, or the child, is the main character. It is them that goes around the world and visits different places and returns home at the end. I think part of the reason Paige can’t appreciate it is she hasn’t been to or even heard of most of the places traveled to like New York or London.

Once I explained to Paige that this was like going on her very own adventure, we read it again and I think that helped us both understand and like it better. Do I think one should have to read the description to “get it?” No. It’s not entirely confusing. You get that they are visiting places but it just seemed somehow disconnected and like there wasn’t really a point. At the end when they go home, I didn’t feel the usual emotion and sentiment I do when I read children’s books.

The one who did seem to love the book was my one year old Jax. I think he liked the pictures and the rhythmic writing and the fact that each page was so short. He’s all about turning the page!

The Day is Waiting won’t be going down as one of our favorites but I did appreciate the illustrations and the sense of adventure.


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The Day Is Waiting, illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator of Corduroy, Don Freeman, takes readers on a tour of our wonderful world and reminds us that no matter how far we roam, we always have home to come back to.

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