Taking Control Of Your Back Yard

During summer, it is not unusual for families to enjoy outdoor gatherings. Children love to pay outside, and adults may even find time to soak up some sun with a good book. However, many people find that they cannot enjoy their back yards during this time of year because of mosquitos and ticks.

These disease carrying insects can bring play time to a halt. Mosquitos can cause outdoor celebrations to end too soon. Home owners must be pro-active in treating for mosquitos and ticks to keep their families safe and healthy.

Automatic Misting Eliminates Mosquitoes

One of the newest technologies and services regarding mosquito control is automatic misting systems. Much like a sprinkler system to maintain your lawn, these misting systems are installed to create a perimeter around your yard to stop mosquitoes. Services like mosquitosquad.com offer these systems that will create a safe haven in your back yard area.

Tick Tubes Are Amazing

If you are having trouble with ticks in your yard, tick tubes are an amazing treatment to eliminate these bugs. Ticks are generally brought into an area by mice. With this in mind, tick tubes are biodegradable tubes filled with treated cotton. When the wild mice remove the cotton from the tubes to use as bedding, the ticks are exposed and die. This is additionally beneficial because ticks often breed in mice bedding, and when treated materials are used, the offspring of the ticks also die.

Special Event Spraying

If you are entertaining in your back yard and you want to ensure that your event is not ruined by mosquitoes, even if you really haven’t had a problem with them lately, you can also have a perimeter spray conducted to ensure that the event is not interrupted. These perimeter sprays often last for several days after the event.

Treating for mosquitoes and ticks has become a necessity. Increases in mosquito and tick born diseases have been significant in recent years. Many of these diseases can become fatal. Thankfully, there are resources that can be used for effective treatment in eliminating these pests.

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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