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Pregnancy is an exciting time and many mothers want to document their time of being pregnant -whether that’s with a professional photographer or having a friend taking a picture. No matter whose taking it, it’s important that it is done right. To make sure you get the best photographs, that you will treasure, follow these tips:

The size of your bump

To get a great pregnancy picture you want your belly to be big and beautiful. However, you don’t want to be too far into your pregnancy that posing and holding different poses becomes difficult. A good time to take the photograph is around 30 weeks; this is when your stomach is really round but not too heavy. Every pregnancy is different so judge when is right for you.

Think about your camera angle

To get a flattering photograph, a great way to do so is shooting down onto your subject/stomach. By getting up high and taking a photograph from above, you are creating the illusion of elongating the body which creates a slimming effect. Focus directly on the pregnant stomach or the feet to highlight the details of pregnancy.

Think about your pose

If you turn to the side slightly, you’ll notice that the angle is much more flattering. Try bringing your left leg slightly forward and right hip slightly back to hide the big booty. The beauty of this pose is that it hides the booty, while still maintaining the slimming angle of the stomach. Shooting the stomach from the side allows you to see the curve of the back which puts empathises on your bump.


Wear something tight

The focus of the photograph is your beautiful bump so tight clothing will help to accentuate all your curves.

Find a great photographer

Make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer, otherwise you will end up with photographs where you look terribly awkward. Whether you get your pregnancy photography with venture or the ‘next guy’ make sure you feel relaxed with them.

Involve your other children
If you have other children, a lovely idea is to bring them into the photographs and have them interacting with you and your bump. It will create a gorgeous photo opportunity that you will love! Ask your other children to talk to the bump. Just to warn you, they might say something that sets you off, have a tissue prepared.


Think about your location

The options are endless when it comes to location. Think about where you want the photograph to be taken whether that be urban, outdoors, your home or a studio. Think about what you want to get out of the photograph. How do you visualise it. Bright coloured or black and white?Busy or simplistic?
You can find many inspirational ideas for pregnancy photography on pinterest

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