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This is seriously the funnest workout ever! I mean how can you NOT have fun when a Hula Hoop is involved? I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the workout DVD. It’s been a few years since I’ve even used a Hula Hoop. I was excited when I tried it that my hips remembered! It didn’t hurt that my five year old daughter Paige thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen.

The Hoop

First of all, this is the biggest Hula Hoop I’ve ever seen! It comes in several pieces that you snap together. I absolutely love the convenience of this! It even comes with a storage bag so you can put it away somewhere and just take it out when you need it. The one drawback of Hula Hoops to me is how they’re awkward and take up a lot of space even though there’s not much to them. Not so with this one!

It’s also a nice, thick sturdy material. It isn’ like the cheap, plastic kind I grew up on. This is a solid piece of fitness equipment and after working out with it, that’s exactly how I think of it!

The Workouts

The DVD is a Fit in 15 workout series and includes three different workouts: Cardio Blast, Lower Body Sculpt and Sculpted Arms and Abs. I really like this division! Since it’s almost summer and I live in tank tops, the sculpted arms were what I wanted most! Plus I’m not going to lie, I really really don’t like cardio so I like having the option to just sculpt and tone sometimes. I make sure to do as much cardio as I need for my heart but not a whole lot more than I have to!


The Intensity

These workouts are all low impact and were inspired by things like Yoga and Pilates that are high intensity without putting any pressure on joints and bones. It’s great for all fitness levels and you can burn over 800 calories per hour! When I read that I was sold!

The Fun

There is something about a Hula Hoop that brings me back to my childhood! It’s so much fun to use and a great challenge so I can see why FXP thought to turn it into a workout! Having fun while working out can be the difference between me finishing a workout and not!

My Conclusion

This is seriously the most fun I’ve ever had working out and I’ve tried a lot of different things! I like to mix up my routines so this is basically all I’ll do for a while and then I’ll probably just mix it in with other things here and there. This would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the women in your life and  there are different packages and fun options to choose from!


Product Description

The Total Body Sculpt Kit is designed for people on the go who need a fast, fun and effective workout.

Kit Includes:

FXP Hula Hoop® with Easy Spin Technology
Carrying Bag & Non Slip Mat
Cardio Blast Level 1 DVD
Cardio Blast Level 2 DVD
Total Body Sculpt DVD
Life Diet Book
Workout Guide

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