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As it’s one of the room the majority of your guests will see, you want your bathroom to look presentable. You also want to know that after a long day at work you can retreat to the bath and relax in a clean, cosy environment. Bathroom cleanliness can be a difficult thing to keep on top of, what with damp and dirt never far away. The key to keeping a clean bathroom is to do certain jobs regularly. Here is a run-down of some top tips to maintaining a bathroom that you are truly proud of.

Vacuum and Dust
If you leave it too long in between cleaning sessions dust can build up on your bathroom surfaces. There is also the unpleasant sight of stray hairs which get into all sorts of places. Running a vacuum over the room and dusting into the nooks and crannies on a regular basis should keep any cleaning session from being too labour-intensive.

Easy Clean Hot Surfaces
Alkaline cleaners are known to work much better on hot surfaces. By filling up the bath with a few inches of the hottest water possible and letting the heat conduct through the surfaces, you make the job of scrubbing the tub a lot easier.

Spray Cleaners
The next job is to use a spray cleaner with antibacterial agent and lightly cover the wall tiles, tub, sink, counters, toilet and floor. Wiping from top to bottom you will have comprehensively cleaned the surfaces to a sparkling quality. A cloth or sponge will ensure you reach evenly over the surfaces.

When scrubbing hard-to-clean surfaces use a tough brush or abrasive pad and go over all the bath and tiles. Mr Clean Magic Eraser comes highly recommended for getting rid of those difficult grimey rings around the interior of the bath.


Don’t Forget to Rinse
Not rinsing off the remnants of the cleaning products is very counter-productive when cleaning your bathroom. As the chemicals are designed to attract dirt you will soon notice should unwanted materials building up.

Having a full basket of products and cleaning equipment such as clothes sponges and rags when you are doing the bathroom clean is advisable. Colour coded cloths and rags are a good idea – use the rags to dry the surfaces when they’ve been rinsed.


Cleaning Mirrors
Using a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth followed by rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad, you can achieve a sparkling streak-free mirror with ease.

Leave your floor until last. Repeat the spray, rinse, and dry steps and you will have a bathroom you cannot wait to show guests to (don’t be too enthusiastic though – that might come across a little strange!).

If feel you need to refresh your bathroom, you might want to look at some of the furniture available at Ideal Standard. Having a nice new bathroom is a great feeling which will make you look forward to getting up and getting ready in a morning.

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