Five Things You Can Do With a Theology Degree #Theology

If you long to help others through religion, the theology career path may be for you.  Theology degree holders are prepared to serve a strong advocates of their particular religion, and are able to take on any number of roles related to teaching, sharing or spreading the word about their belief system.

While most of what you’ll likely do as a theology graduate will be done in the name of faith, the positions you’ll take on are still considered careers. Here’s a look at five rewarding careers you can take on with a theology degree.

  1. Become a Religious Leader

If you’ve had a calling to devote yourself to church leadership, you can use your theology degree to lead congregations or communities in any number of religious services and church activities. Common duties of religious leaders include drafting and reading sermons, communicating with members of the congregation, and organizing group activities and holiday celebrations, among others.

  1. Become a Teacher

If you’re a theology degree holder seeking a career path that emphasizes education, you’ll find many available roles in religious organizations. Some graduates go on to work in religious primary, elementary, or high school settings or at Sunday schools, while others work to achieve advanced degrees in order to find teaching work at the college or university level.

  1. Become a Missionary

Many theology grads choose to work as missionaries for some period of time because it allows them to travel the world while filling others in on their belief system. Many missionaries spend time in third-world countries not only to spread the word about their beliefs, but also to assist in efforts like language and housing development.

  1. Become a Scholar

If, upon receiving your theology degree, you find that you want to continue your religious studies further, you may do so by pursuing a higher advanced degree in theology, religious studies, or a related topic. Many scholars draft copy to be included in religious publications, while others travel the conference circuit in an effort to share their knowledge with like-minded individuals.

  1. Become a Charity Officer

Many of today’s charitable organizations are rooted in religion. If you want to take your knowledge of religion and use it to help others in need, you may want to consider becoming a charity officer. While there is substantial variation as the responsibilities of those in this role, job duties generally include tasks related to project management, business development, and fundraising.

Thus, there are numerous career paths you can take as a theology grad that extend well beyond becoming a member of the clergy. There are numerous ways you utilize your knowledge of religion to establish a rewarding and profitable long-term career.

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