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Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy came to Ontario this week! Sadly we weren’t able to attend because of my youngest health issues so Lorinda took her family to check it out for me! Here are her thoughts.


It’s been at least twenty years since I have been to a Disney on Ice show. That’s crazy when I think about it! So, I figured it was about time to go see how the show has changed. I have two boys who are seven and three and they love Disneyland and really any show so I knew they would love Disney on Ice!

My boys were excited from the moment Mickey and Minnie came out! Next, was the cast from Cars, which was a hit also. My seven year old was fascinated to find out people actually were in the cars driving them and had tons of questions about how the cars can drive so well on the ice.


My boys do not mind the princesses or the fairies so we all enjoyed the part with the Little Mermaid and Tinker Bell along with all the fairies from Pixie Hollow. Then because we were at the show that began at 7:30pm my three year old could not keep his eyes open any longer. So half way into the show and I had one kiddo asleep and one starting getting cold. I am glad I did dress them warm.

The whole second half of the show was a cute skit with all the Toy Story characters. This part of the show was even entertaining for the adults. Mine and my husband’s favorite characters were Barbie and Ken!

My suggestions for you if you are planning to go to Disney on Ice would be to dress warm; don’t forget your jackets! Remember there is ice at Disney on Ice so it can get cold! Also, if your kids go to bed early make sure to book an early show!

Honestly, the only thing I remember from the Disney on Ice show I went to as a child was Beauty and the Beast. I do remember having a good time. I am exited my kiddos had a good time too! Luckily Disney has so many movies and characters to choose from they can keep changing the show to keep you coming back year after year. It can be a good family tradition!


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