The Adventure Continues with the Adventure Bible stories from I Can Read and @Zonderkidz #Zonderkidz

unnamed-2We have really been enjoying the Adventure Bible stories in the I Can Read series from Zonderkidz. This year has been such an amazing experience watching Reed learn to read in first grade! He just soaks up every book and I can’t get him new ones fast enough! Thank goodness I have two kids younger than him that will make good use of these books as well!

Reed got the Adventure Bible for Christmas so he was already used to this format and style and has really enjoyed using it.

Noah’s Voyage

Noah’s Voyage is the story of Noah’s Ark. I like that they gave it a different title just to mix it up a bit! I think sometimes kids get tired of hearing the same Bible stories over and over again so anything that puts a new spin on it as welcome.

Zonderkidz never strays from the facts of the Bible but they just beef it up so to speak and make it more wordy to lengthen it. Stories in the Bible are so short so for an entire book to be dedicated to one, the addition of words and pictures definitely helps!

I always love the pictures from these stories and so does Reed. He just turned seven and I feel they are really age appropriate and appeal to the way his mind works. These days anything that doesn’t look like a video game is a plus to me!

Reed read this entire story himself several times. I really like the section at the end “People in Bible Times” and he has gotten into this as well. This one is obviously about Noah and shares a verse, picture and brief description.

Reed’s favorite part is the “Did You Know?” because as a seven year old, he doesn’t have a whole lot of detailed knowledge of the Bible and this is the perfect age to teach it to him. This one especially appealed to him because it gave lots of details about the ark.

This book is rated for ages 6 – 10 and I’m thrilled that Reed can read it in it’s entirety. We might be almost ready for Step 3!


Brave Queen Esther

I have a five year old daughter named Paige and she is not into reading as my seven year old because she can’t quite do it on her own yet, BUT she is all about things like Queen’s and these days it seems it just has to have a girl in it to appeal to her!

I like that the title Brave Queen Esther included the word brave because she WAS brave and all girls should be taught this and encouraged to be the same! In a world of Disney Princesses it’s nice to have a real life example of bravery and integrity for little girls to look up to.

I think Paige expected to see carriages and balls and all the things that royalty do in her view so it was a nice opportunity to really talk about a Queen, her job and her reality.

This is a longer and more detailed version of the story than we’ve read before and it opened the door to a lot of great conversations. At the end we meet Esther and Mordecai in more detail and like my son, she really liked the “Did You Know” section. In fact, I learned something new here as well!

My Conclusion

The I Can Read books from Zonderkidz are perfect for the early readers in my home. It is such a joy watching them learn and grow and I love having tools like this at my disposal to share with them.

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