10 Inspirational Arts and Crafts Ideas #Crafts

Arts and crafts activities with the kids can form some of the most enjoyable hours you can spend as a parent. Not only are they lots of fun, but they help encourage your little ones’ creativity and hone their artistic skills. The only barrier for parents can be a certain creative block which makes it difficult to dream up craft activities for the kids. That’s where I want to help – here are some inspirational ideas for you to try to get the creative juices flowing…

Garden Art
As it’s summer it makes sense to try out a few projects which will work well in the garden. One fun activity is to decorate bricks and stones to go in your outdoor space. The beauty of this is that as they become weather-worn and distressed they become even more beautiful. Use any interior decorating paint or even melted wax crayons to decorate a variety of stones and bricks and arrange them casually.

Story Time Art
Use your kids’ favourite bedtime story as inspiration for your next art project. They could illustrate their favourite scene, paint a picture of their most beloved character or put together a costume which represents one of them. It will help them imagine the world which is being put across in the story.


Mini Movie
Art doesn’t have to be restricted to that which is put down on paper, card or canvas. With all the technology that is available to us these days it has never been easier to shoot and put together our own home movie. Again, you can use your favourite book to base the film on or shoot your own sequel to Frozen! You may have the next Olivier on your hands!

A New Media
If they are keen crayon artists why not encourage them to try their hand at a different medium? Websites such as Artifolk have a broad range of art supplies for your kids to experiment with. Have a browse of some YouTube tutorial videos for different arts.

Sculpt Your Favourite Character
Modelling is a great way to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Get in some modelling clay such as FIMO and see how your child gets on with making their favourite Disney character. I think I like Olaf the most.


Awesome Origami
Websites such as Origami Club have some great tasks for different skill levels. Origami is the type of hobby which could stay with them for a lifetime as they try new and more difficult models.

Try some of these ideas yourself and encourage your child to get creative as much as you can.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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