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A couple weeks ago I told you I’d be making a switch in my deodorant because it stopped working! I switched from my regular brand to Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant and the results are in!

Have you smelled me lately? No? Exactly!! It works! Yes, it WAS love at first swipe!

The second I took the top off, this deodorant looked different to me. It sounds weird to say it but it actually looked smoother! It didn’t have that weird texture most deodorants have that look like they’re about to crack and crumble apart at any second.

It also went on super smooth; smoother than anything I’ve ever tried. It actually felt good to apply it! The smell was very subtle and powdery and just had that “clean” smell to it. I don’t like overly scented deodorants but this one was just right.

The reasons I wanted to try this deodorant I mentioned in my first post were the following claims:

It claims to work for 48 hours keeping you dry! 48 hours! I’m a mom so I don’t have time to shower every single morning. True story!
It is also supposed to make your underarms soft and smooth. I haven’t heard of any other claiming this so I’m really curious to see if it works. My skin there is a little rough!

Well in order to fully test the deodorant, I had to put these claims to the test right? So yes, I DID apply it just once and not shower or re-apply for 48 hours! These were a “normal” 48 hours. I didn’t work out or do anything strenuous to make me sweat a lot, but I did do normal things that can get my body heat up! I took the kids to the park on bikes and the normal chasing three kids around and taking them to and from school and activities.

This is also kind of gross but I do sweat a lot in my sleep for some reason. So put all those things together and I definitely gave the deodorant a good run for it’s money. And I stayed dry AND most importantly (to me) didn’t stink! I could actually still smell the original scent on me when I gave myself the sniff test (we all do that right?).

The other thing it claimed that I was really skeptical of was making the underarms more smooth. This area is rough in general and I have never done anything to try to soften it because it just didn’t occur to me that it was even possible. However, I do have to say that it actually DID make them smoother! I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not as important to me as staying dry and not smelling bad but it’s a nice little added benefit!

Sometimes I try things but don’t like them enough to switch from my current product. In this case, Dove Advanced Care IS my new deodorant! Now that I have something that works so well and exceeded anything I’ve ever tried; I’m making the switch! It’s $4.99 which is average and can be found in regular stores nationwide. To be honest, I am so happy with Dove that I wold probably even be willing to pay a little more. Shhhh don’t tell them!



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