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My kids love to play outside and with the warmer months beginning, we are already spending as much time outside as possible! I finally have Reed and Paige at the point where they know to stay out of the street but now I have one year old Jax who heads straight for it.

I have seen these Safety Cones before but they always seem really expensive at places like Toys R Us. This one is much more affordable and while I liked the heavy plastic ones I was initially looking at, I prefer this one that collapses.

0cf736d177a2c0ad39671e7cc7af07e8636cc653When it says “Caution Spring Loaded” on it, they definitely mean it! I had it to close to my face and knocked myself in the nose the first time it popped open. Live and learn!

The first time I used this was on a windy day and it blew down the street! I noticed that there is a pocket underneath inside of it so I tucked a rock in to keep it in place.


There are a lot of teenagers that speed up and down my street so I place this in the street so that they can see it. I don’t put it in the middle where it will get in the way but just right on the other side of the sidewalk so that they notice it.


The material is good quality so I don’t think it will tear or fade in the sun. I use this collapsable cone outside every time my kids are out there. It gives me a little peace of mind knowing that drivers will be more likely to slow down when approaching!



fe13a202b09f1cc255b1856a2b9112f39d800ff4Product Description

Caution! Children Playing Safety Pop Up Cone. Innovative tented pop-up design offers high visibility but easily folds up to the size of a frisbee for easy storage and transport when not in use. Great for use at home or on the road to ensure your kids play safe. Reflective stripes make Pop-Up Safety Cones stand out in headlights during dusk and dark hours.The anchor pocket can be filled with sand to keep it in place even on windy days. Each cone is 24 inches tall.


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