My Husband Quit Smoking with Nuvocig: #Review #nuvocig @nuvocig

4a92ba26185e8aa158ec70793268186e6b7193a6_1If you or anyone close to you has tried to quit smoking, you know it’s no easy feat. I watched my husband struggle with it for years and saw firsthand how hard quitting something you are addicted to truly is. I never understood it before and thought it was as simple as “just quit” but life experience has taught me quite a different lesson!

I wish that things like Nuvocig were around when he first started this war with addiction! As he’s explained it to me, aside from the obvious Nicotine addiction is just the act of smoking itself: holding something in his hand and the routine of putting it to his lips. He tried the gum and while it helped a little; it just wasn’t enough.

Nuvocig is the first thing that can combat all the different things that one misses when they quit smoking. It’s not just about the nicotine. It’s the act of smoking. So if you can safely smoke and wean yourself off the nicotine but still enjoy the act of smoking, why not?

My husband actually really enjoys these. He likes that there are different flavor options and you can mix them up for whatever you are in the mood for. That’s something you don’t get with cigarettes! There are different levels of nicotine available so you can start off strong and wean yourself off without having to deal with breaking the actual smoking habit at the same time.

Some people use these to just quit smoking until they have completely kicked it but if you’re like my husband, he enjoys the act of smoking and still enjoys the Nuvocig without the nicotine! I love that there is something like this available to help him fight a decade long addiction.




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NuvoCig is a high-end electronic cigarette company that offers revolutionary vaping products and accessories. We are asking people or companies to review our products – we offer e-cigs with unique cartomizers that equal two packs of cigarettes, coming in 38 flavors such as Mango, Coffee, Apple, Blueberry, Atomic Fireball and more. Our products are available in 5 nicotine levels (super high, high, medium, light, and non-nicotine) and we’ll soon introduce specialty products including e-cigars and e-hookahs.

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