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My kids love “special treats” as they come them; especially my two youngest. My seven year old doesn’t like ice cream because it’s “too cold.” I know, crazy kid right? That’s definitely not the case with my five year old Paige and one year old Jax so I decided to take them for a treat while Reed was still at school and we met up with some friends!


Dairy Queen has always been a favorite for me, ever since I was a little girl. I remember my favorite babysitter would take us there whenever she watched us so it was always something to look forward to. I also remember proudly declaring I knew how to spell it as a child: “DQ!” I’m happy we have a local DQ so that my kids can grow up with the same fond memories I have. Only now they have even more options for their treats!


The girls decided to get ice cream cones but Jax and I went for the really good stuff! This month Dairy Queen celebrates it’s 75th Fanniversary with a fun challenge! If you order a blizzard in the month of April, it will be served to you upside down or it is FREE on your next visit!

Jax is like his mommy. We love, love, love Oreos! I got an Oreo blizzard to split with him. I got a Medium thinking it would be plenty but this little guy can put away quite a bit of ice cream for such a little guy!

IMG_8871Their ice cream is always fresh and creamy and the Blizzard is known to stick in it’s cup. In fact, they are the original inventors of soft serve which eventually led to the Blizzard. They are so confident in this, they’ll serve it to you upside down because they know it’s not going to come out! I have my eye on the Salted Caramel for next time and maybe I’ll get lucky and get one for free!

Dairy Queen is the perfect place for summertime fun with your kids this year! Don’t forget to keep an eye on them when they serve you a Blizzard in the month of April and make sure it’s upside down!



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