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My five year old little girl Paige is a huge fan of jewelry and crafts so things like the SunshineLoom Craft Kit from Friendly Bands are right up her alley! It’s rated for ages 6+ and Paige is just 5 but she’s always been really good at these things and I knew once I helped her get started she would probably be able to handle it on her own.

I really like that this kit is so complete! It comes with everything you need with thought to things like storage of the rubber bands and keeping the tool contained in place so it doesn’t get lost. I have tried another brand of Loom kits and it didn’t have anything like this.


You can select the bands that you want to use to make a bracelet and put them in the top tray. All others can be stored conveniently underneath.

The included directions have three different size options: single, double and triple widths. I decided to start with the single to keep it simple and get the hang of it before I moved on. The directions were super easy to follow and I have to say, after trying another brand kit, the labeled numbers help immensely! When it tells you to from one number to the next, you can’t go wrong! I only wish it gave you the exact number for every single step instead of just the beginning to get the pattern set. It’s not necessary for the simplest but would have been nice for the others.

The first time I did one, Paige watched me the whole time. Then she said she was ready to try one on her own. It really only took one time for her to get the hang of it.


After she knew she could do it on her own, she wanted to make several different color combinations! There are three charms included in this particular set and she wanted to make one for each.

IMG_8800Once she finished and moved on to something else, I wanted to try the double. The directions were easy enough to follow in the beginning but I think something about the looping at the end gets lost in translation. I tried three separate times and each time got it wrong before I gave up.

There are instructional videos on the website which I then watched and will make another attempt when I’m ready. I think it takes a certain kind of brain to make these more complicated patterns and I don’t have it! Luckily Paige is happy with the single’s and since she can do them on her own, it provides hours of entertainment.

Now Paige wants to use the SunshineLoom to make bracelets for all her friends. I love things like this that are an inexpensive, easy and fun way for kids to make homemade gifts for their loved ones!



Product Description

FriendlyBands SunshineLoom is a circular loom craft kit for creating rubber band bracelets, necklaces, rings and more! The kit includes a circular loom with a storage area for accessories, a Clear Protective Lid for travel and storage, a fbHook, 3 special interchangeable fbCharms, 24 fbLinks, over 600 high quality, latex-free fbRubberBands and an Instruction Booklet. Easy numbered pegs for easy to follow instructions. The circular SunshineLoom is the only loom that can make a full-size, all-around rubber band bracelet for a child or adult!

SunshineLoom Craft Kit:
– For creating rubber band bracelets, necklaces, rings and more
– Circular loom with a storage area for accessories
– Clear Protective Lid for travel and storage
– Easy numbered pegs for easy to follow instructions
– Can make a full-size, all-around rubber band bracelet for a child or adult

SunshineLoom Craft Kit Includes:
– a fbHook
– 3 SPECIAL interchangeable fbCharms
– 24 fbLinks (s-shaped clasps)
– 600+ high quality, latex-free fbRubberBands
– Instruction Booklet and Online Videos

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