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I love to work out whether it be Jazzercise, workout DVD’s at home, hiking or walking with friends. Whatever the workout; comfort is key!

I have been buying Danskin for years. I literally have a pair of leggings that I bought before I got pregnant with my first child eight years ago and wore through all three pregnancies! They never lost their shape, stitching didn’t come out and they don’t look faded at all. Anything that can withstand that kind of abuse is worth spending money on.

I recently got a pair of the new Mystic Run Ankle Leggings. I really like the length because I don’t like to wear shorts or capris when working out. These stop right at the top of my shoes which is exactly where I want them to be!


Notice the cute pattern? I really like how this is just on the bottom half of the leggings and wraps around to the back of the leg but just halfway. It also happens to match the waistband which is really cute!

When it comes to working out, I’m all about the comfort. I can do anything in these pants! Once they are on, I forget about them which is a good indicator of comfort. They are spandex and polyester so they stretch and move with me and don’t shrink or fade at all after washing so the fit stays the same (unless my weight changes of course!)

There is a drawstring on the inside of the waistband which is nice so that once you have it adjusted, it’s not flying around getting in your way. It’s safely tucked away. When I’m working out, I want to focus on important things like my heart rate and not my clothing!


At $44 these leggings might be on the pricier side but I know from experience they are worth it. After years of workout clothes falling apart on me after a few uses, I only buy Danskin now. I know it’s comfortable and attractive and if I have a pair that has lasted me ten years and three pregnancies; I’d say that I more than got my money’s worth!



DN4539_00115--62_85--1478254395Product Description

Danskin women’s ankle legging in a moisture wicking fabric. Features a wide waistband with inner drawcord, abstract tonal print accents, neat seaming details, and a reinforced wicking gusset for added comfort.

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Fiber Content:
88% Polyester / 12% Spandex
Style #: DN4539

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