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image001-10I have three kids and you know what that means! Lots of dirt that needs washing! With active little ones that go to school, play sports and just enjoy the normal activities of childhood, they get dirty!

While I have tried lots of different products for them, the idea of cleaning my kids naturally definitely appealed to me! Why put anything onto their little growing bodies that isn’t absolutely necessary?

My middle child still loves to take baths and she is all about the bubbles! Whenever there is bubble bath in our house, it doesn’t last long thanks to Paige! As soon as she saw these products she wanted a bubble bath!


The Tiny Bubble Foaming Bath smells like watermelon and as Paige says, it smells almost good enough to eat!



I also used the Shampoo and Conditioner on her which both smelled amazing! Every time she takes a bath now, she asks to smell the products before I put them on her!

The first time I used the Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo, I could immediately feel the difference. It just felt clean and lathered up so nicely! The Banana Smoothie Detangler worked well on Paige’s hair. Her hair is always a tangled mess and after a few weeks of use, this still seems to be working nicely on her hair.

I like the Germ Busting Soap because for little ones, it’s still easier to use a liquid soap than a bar. All three of my kids use it and it smells great and gets them clean without irritating their skin.

These products are nicely packaged and appeal to children with their bright colors and fun images. My kids knew they were for them just by looking at the bottles. I also like that the top is a push and a pull style so you just pull up to use and push back down to close. This is much easier than lids my kids can never get back on themselves.

We all really enjoy the Clean Kids Naturally products. They are reasonably priced, work great and smell amazing! We will definitely continue using them in the future!



Product Description

Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo: Orange and deep cleansing lime join forces to create this highly effective, yet extremely gentle shampoo. Purified seawater and birch leaf extract have a mildly stimulating effect and are excellent for balancing both hair and scalp. ($8.75 – $16.25)
Banana Smoothie Detangler: Conditions and gently separates unruly tangles. Kiwi extract and Seaweed strengthen and protect children’s fine hair from the damaging effects of sun exposure, chlorine and frequent brushing, and special botanical oil leaves hair silky, soft and shiny. ($8.75 – $16.25)
Tiny Bubble Foaming Bath: A delightful cleansing experience enhanced by the sweet, calming fragrance of Linden Blossom. Watermelon adds freshness and gently conditions young skin and Soapwort Extract is the source of the bubbles for this all natural foam bath. ($8.75 – $16.25)
Germ Busting Soap: Germ busting fennel extract safely washes away harmful bacteria on small, active hands. Soothing aloe vera and select herbs help to calm minor skin irritations. ($8.75 – $16.25)

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