Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy is Coming Next Week! @DisneyonIce #DisneyonIce

Mickey and Minnie_Finale

Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy is coming next week and we are so excited! This has become such a beloved tradition for my family! Jax came with us to the last one but since then, he has really started paying attention to charters on TV, especially Mickey and Minnie. I think at fifteen months he’ll really be into this so I’m looking forward to sharing the joy of Disney on Ice with my youngest as well as my older two that already love it.

One of my son Reed’s only complaints about Disney on Ice is that it’s too girly! I was really excited to see the inclusion of Cars and Toy Story for this one!

Sunnyside DaycareCarsfinalFor the “girly stuff” as Reed calls it, Paige is really looking forward to Tinkerbell and seeing all her beloved fairy’s!

Fairies Final Image2looserD29_20080904_1550_r_DA[1]If you haven’t been to one of these shows before, you are really missing out! It is always an amazing product as all things Disney are! If you missed the showtimes and my coupon code, you can find them here with everything you need to know to enjoy Disney on Ice!






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