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IMG_8564My kids have always loved playing with pretend food from as long as I can remember! Paige had her first play kitchen when she was probably about two and now even at five years old, it never gets old for her! I was excited to give her the Bright Bites Color Fun Fruit Pie from Learning Resources because I knew she’d love it AND would learn from it.

The pie comes with the pie tin which is divided into four sections for sorting, the pie crust, strawberries, lemons, limes and blueberries.


This is rated for ages 3+, probably because of some of the small parts but my fifteen month old loved playing this with Paige! He is past putting things in his mouth but I still supervise whenever he is playing with something small. While colors might still be foreign to him; learning about them is just around the corner and who better to teach him than his big sister!

Paige and Jax are my two that spend lots of time outdoors together. They have a kitchen in the the backyard and as soon as this was opened, they headed straight to their kitchen to bake their pie! It was fun listening to Paige talk to Jax about the different colors and fruits and sorting them with him. I noticed him already starting to sort by color, which I didn’t even realize he was able to differentiate yet. He liked putting them together and then mixing them up.


I like that Learning Resources toys and games always come with suggestions as to how to play them. I always go through and try them all and my kids usually end up creating their own version of some sort of combination! It’s nice to have the guidance to point them in the right direction and then watching their little brains start working.

The fruit is nice and thick and won’t get easily squished like some of the play food we’ve had before.


My kids love to bake me a pie after they have played with it and I like that they are enjoying playing and learning together thanks to Learning Resources.




Product Description

Fresh from the oven, this fruity pie is bursting with color! Bright Bites delivers children’s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. This recipe calls for 11 fruit pieces (lemons, limes, strawberries, blueberries) to fill the pie, a pan divided into 4 sections, a top crust, plus sorting and fine motor fun. Sort the colorful fruits and top with the pie crust—can you remember which color is in each section, without peeking? Better save room for this dessert!

• 1 Pie tin (with 4 sections)
• 1 Pie crust
• 3 Strawberries
• 3 Lemon wedges
• 3 Lime wedges
• 2 Blueberry clusters

Pie measures 2¾’’H

Grades: PreK+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Colors recognition, sorting and fine motor: Tell your child to sort the fruit pieces by color in the pie sections. Have your child name each color of fruit as the pieces are placed.

Color recognition: Place one piece of fruit in each pie section (use different fruit pieces). Show your child the pie. “Secretly” take away one of the pieces of fruit from its section. Cover the pie with the crust. Ask your child to remove the crust and name either the piece of fruit or the color of the fruit that is missing. For added fun, trade roles.

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