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f51b0289b84f824f0067cd2ea6cb1c0f55fa2cb4My kids do swim lessons three times a week so goggles have become a part of our regular routine. Unfortunately I have gone through several pairs before trying Frogglez. I discovered the hard way that with goggles; you get what you pay for. I first tried a three pack of cheap ones that might as well have been called disposable because they broke after one or two uses. The next ones I got were name brand and lasted a bit longer but the big problem I have with them is the straps pulling my kids hair.

As soon as I saw the Frogglez I knew that would not be an issue. The strap is nice and thick and goes around the top of the head and the bottom as well as that sides so that even my five year old can put it on herself without assistance. They stay on securely and don’t move around. The material is super soft and doesn’t pull hair at all.


Paige likes these so much that she wore them to the beach even though she wasn’t technically going to be using them to swim underwater!

IMG_8630The other cool thing about these is that you can but just the strap to use with your own goggles. If you’ve invested in an expensive pair and like everything but the strap, you can easily replace it with this one.


I think it’s the perfect goggles for kids and I’m thrilled to have found them. I was really getting tired of replacing theirs so often.

They are $24.97 so they are pricier than any of the others I’ve purchased but they also last and don’t have to be replaced so I’m saving money in the long run. You can also purchased just the strap for $14.97.

If you are looking for a great pair that doesn’t pull hair for kids aged 3 – 12, check out Frogglez! You can enter to win a pair below and there’s also a coupon code to shop and save!



afa0349903c4943322d008d4345b31e4fe1bc1cbProduct Description



Patented soft and comfortable neoprene strap design that does not pull hair
Easy Velcro® size adjustments
Removable comfort strap can be attached to your goggles of choice
Frogglez® float
Kids can put them on by themselves
Fun colors

Adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most swimming goggles in the market
TPE hypoallergenic goggle frames
Edge stitching to maximize the life of the Frogglez® strap
Quality Velcro® attachment for size adjustments

Frogglez® Goggles are endorsed by swim instructors around the world for their comfort and ease of use:

“Frogglez are great for my young swim students because they stay in place, won’t tangle hair and keep out the water.” – Ellen Kemper of Mertail Fitness LLC – Swim Instructor

Frogglez® eliminate the hassles associated with traditional swimming goggles allowing kids to focus on swimming and having fun.

SIZE: One size fits kids 3+ years of age (even some adults)

*Designed for recreational swimmers

*Goggles are clear

Frogglez® – the comfortable choice in the swim goggle market

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  1. My girls take swimming lessons every week. I would love a pair of these for them. The goggles they currently have are always pulling their hair.

  2. These would work much better than the elastic around the kids head.

  3. Gina Aten says:

    isabella would love these. She’s a little fish in the water and always complains of the strap pulling her hair

  4. Amanda Morris says:

    My niece 🙂

  5. Alona Y says:

    I’d like to win these for my daughter.

  6. LeAnn H says:

    My granddaughter would like these.

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