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As soon as I saw these Lumi Earbuds I thought they were really fun! Who doesn’t love a little bling bling now and then? I knew the instant I started using them my five year old who loves music would steal them and sure enough, she did!

The earbuds are better quality than I would have expected. Sometimes when the focus is on something fun like the lights; the function of other things aren’t as well executed. This was a pleasant surprise.

The cord is also a really good, thick material that won’t easily break or fray.

One of the things I didn’t love was the weight of the clip part that has the on/off button and the phone button as well as the battery stored inside. It does come with a clip on the back so you can attach it to your shirt to take the weight off.


The other thing I struggled with a little was the on/off button. It was really hard to push and I couldn’t tell if it was working or not. I had to go and read through other reviews because there weren’t really instructions included. Luckily I found a video review that explained that the lights would blink twice to signify it was on. Once I knew that I pressed until I got it to work. It might have just needed a little breaking in because after a few times, it worked perfectly.

This comes with a USB cable to save the battery. If you are out during the day and the lights wouldn’t show up anyway, you can always opt to use the headphones without the lights which is a nice option to saving battery life.

It also includes different sizes for the earbuds which is a nice little bonus so I was able to find the perfect fit for me. My five year old also now has her own set for when she steals my phone to listen to music!


All in all I’m really happy with these earbuds and think they are a lot of fun!




Product Description

Lumi’s light function moves to the beat of your music for a rhythmic pulsing
These earbuds have the option to turn the illumination function on or off
The mic and phone call on/off are the small module on the wire
The power module has a clip to attach to your clothing
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



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