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At fifteen months old Jax has been teething for about a year! He is getting his first molars right now and so far they have been the absolute worst. There is nothing more awful than seeing your baby in pain so I will do anything that I can to help!

While I started using teething necklaces for him to wear to sooth the pain, I didn’t even realize there was teething jewelry for them to actually chew on. The funny thing is people always mistake his amber necklace as one to actually chew on when it’s not. I was happy to discover that there is something just for this!

Babies have a tendency to pull at play with mommies jewelry anyway so it makes sense that there would be something they are allowed to chew on and not do any damage too.

This set comes with a necklace and a matching bracelet; both of the same soft rubbery material that is safe for baby to chew on. I can tell by the way he chomps it that it does provide relief to him and safely allows him to explore that urge to chew.

Teething is no fun for anyone so I’m happy to do anything I can to help. The jewelry itself initially made me think it had a bit of a cheap look and feel to it but I think that’s because of the silicone material that I”m not used to my jewelry being made from. Once I put it on and wore it; it looked just as good as anything else so I got used to the feel of it.

If you want to help your baby with their teething and stay in style for yourself, this set is a great deal on Amazon for around $20 and comes in four different colors!




Product Description

BPA free
FDA approved
Made of food grade silicone
No harmful chemicals
Teethers for baby
Can be worn by moms



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