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We gave Reed his first Bible for Christmas and it was the Adventure Bible, also from Zonderkidz. He loves it and so do I but the one thing I didn’t love was that it was the New King James Version and I feel like that’s hard for kids to understand. Our church and most that I know of use the New International Version so I prefer that he has the same one at home.

That’s why when I saw this NIV Gift Bible for kids I thought it’d be perfect for Reed. The recommended age is 9+ and he just turned 7 but he is already reading on his own.

I really liked the older look of the Bible. It doesn’t have that babyish look anymore of starter children’s Bibles. It has a nice leather cover that’s soft but firm and will not fall apart on you.

I really like that the outer pages are painted gold. To me that just says Bible! I grew up with gold on my pages and remember as a very little girl looking at my parents Bibles and thinking that gold was magical. It might be old school but I like to see it on Bibles today. It’s a classic touch that I hope never goes away!

The Bible has a good binding so that you can open it and it will lay flat. I really like this feature because it makes it hard to read when something is so stiff it keeps closing on you.

The one thing I don’t like and I don’t understanding considering this is a children’s Bible is the print. It is so small it hurts my eyes to read it. My kids eyes are younger and better than mine but I don’t want them straining to read. That shouldn’t be an issue and I don’t want to give them a reason to want to stop reading!

Other than the print this Gift Bible for kids is a good one and would make a treasured Easter gift!



About the Bible

The NIV Gift Bible for Kids is the perfect gift for graduations, confirmations, and other special achievements. The bonus content explores the teachings, ministry, miracles, and parables of Jesus, as well as life in New Testament times, enhancing and enriching the reading of Scripture.

Features include:

• Words of Christ in red

• Presentation page

• Bible dictionary concordance

• Book introductions

• Presentation page for personalizing and gift giving

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