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Ahhh it’s finally spring! In Southern California that practically means summer to us! The short sleeves are on and we’ve started spending a lot of time outside! One of the things I associate with spring is Easter!

We have a lot of fun Easter traditions. One of the things I love to do is get my kids new outfits. Even if things are tight, I always make sure my kids have something new to wear on Easter. I do yard sales, hand me downs and sales as much as I can the rest of the year but sometimes you just have to splurge!

We are really lucky to have an OshKosh outlet close to us and since I know they have a lot of fun coordinating styles for reasonable prices, I shop there a lot. Since they have clothing, shoes and even accessories I can get everything I need in one place!


I have two boys and a girl and my boys are six years apart. It’s really hard to find matching outfits for the opposite sex and even harder for the same sex when they no longer shop in the same size department.


I was so excited to walk into OshKosh and see their Easter collection! I was even more excited to find the exact same things in size 7 and 18months! They were all 50% off too so I was able to get Paige a cute dress!


Jax is just over one and on the go so he wasn’t really down for a photo shoot but this is the one picture I have of them all together in their outfits!

DSCN2168I actually liked the baby blue shirts better because they look more “Eastery” to me but they didn’t have them in both sizes so I went with what I could get an exact match of. I was really happy with the end result.

For the boys I went with grey pants that had an adjustable waistband. My seven year old is really skinny so that is an absolute necessity for me! I had to tighten it above five holes on each side so I couldn’t have gotten those pants if they weren’t adjustable. I paired the pants with a checkered dark shirt and a grey sweater. Even though it’s warm and sunny now, it never fails that Easter dawns cold and grey and my kids freeze. Not this year!

DSCN2160My little guy got the exact same outfit. He looks like such a little man!

DSCN2173After playing a few minutes the sweater had to come off and now you can see the shirt! Even though I want these nice for Easter, I already let my kids play in them because I know they wash well and don’t fade out or shrink and become disfigured.


I love this outfit so much I had Reed’s seven year pictures done with it on. Since his birthday is in March it always works out nicely to have his pics taken in his Easter outfit.

Paige is a whole other challenge. When it comes to clothes she is a girly girl! I knew if I took her with me she’d go straight for another pink dress! So I went with just Jax who didn’t have an opinion about the shopping trip! They did have some pinks and purples but I loved all the darker blues and grey’s that were available!


You can’t go wrong with classic polka dots and the bow on the side made it feminine enough for her and she ended up loving it!


I also indulged her girly pink side with a new bathing suit because she was in desperate need!


I really love OshKosh for their selection but primarily for the quality. These are clothes that outlast my kids and I know when I buy something for Reed that eventually Jax will be able to wear it too! Shopping at OshKosh is a tradition for us whenever their wardrobes need a little pick me up! It’s so all American and a place I love to go!

Spring is here and with Easter just around the corner, head on over to OshKosh with the coupon below and get your kids decked out for Easter. You can’t beat the quality or the prices!




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