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It seems like when you are a kid there is a race to look and be grown up and then once you get there it’s a race to slow down and look and be young. Well, I am on the later half of the race, but with joy. The Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller is a tool that you can use at home to do just that, help you join the race to slow down and look young. (Anyone can act young, right?) A Derma roller can help with age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, plus more. Sounded good to me and I figured it was worth a try!

I like that the Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller comes in a sealed container. Once I opened my container I found that there were no instruction in my box or container. On the outside of the box it says do not reuse the head, do not share with another person, do not use more than the indicated time, always clean the roller and your face before and after each use and store in a safe place out of the reach of children. That was all good to know, but I wanted to know how to actually use it. I decided to look up the directions on the Internet because when I opened up the Derma roller and saw all the needles, I though I better learn how to use this correctly! It was easy to find the information on the Internet, I read everything I could find and felt comfortable enough to get started.


I read to roll with a little bit of pressure about ten times up, down, back and forth and also diagonally. I also read it hurts a little. Okay, so trying it the first time I was super cautious. It does hurt but not in a long term bad kind of way. It is not really that bad and I felt like I could handle it. I guess because it ended up being so simple to use it didn’t really need directions!

I have a few of those age problems that the Derma roller should be able to help with; I have age spots, wrinkles and scars. I got this Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller to use on my face, but ended up using it lots of places. I wax my legs so I feel I have a high pain tolerance for things like this and as I was rolling this Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller on my face, neck, chest, and stomach I realized this was easy and I could do this every day. The Beautonics Clinicares Treatment Solution Derma Roller is easy to use and I really hope I continue to use this!


Product Description

Your Search For The Fountain Of Youth Is Over! Get Flawless Skin In As Little As 10 Sessions The Safe And Natural Way!No More Embarrassing Skin Problems. Proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Who Says Your Looks Have To Show Your Age? Be ready for a picture-perfect close-up even without make up!The #1 Choice for Skin Treatment & Skin RepairUsing titanium needles to safely and effectively penetrate the skin for maximum results!
– Scar removal including acne scars
– Stretch Mark removal
– Wrinkle removal/reduction
– Cellulite reduction
– Large Pore reduction
– Hair Loss restoration
– Hyper-Pigmentation treatment
Get Flawless Skin In As Little As 10 Sessions The Safe And Natural Way! Women and men from all over the world are using Micro Needle Therapy or what is now being called a Derma Roller, with miraculous results. Dramatic benefits after first few uses however, extended efforts will produce even better results!
Your Derma Roller is made with High Grade Titanium needles in a 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 192 needle count for precision and accuracy.
– Easy to use
– Stimulates Collagen production
– No bruising, infection, discoloration, healing time or other complications
– All skin types can be treated
– Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from skin care product
This product is made by Beautonics, where we value customer results and satisfaction first. All our products are USA tested and backed by our money back guarantee, so buy now and achieve beauty perfection!


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