Protect Your Child Anywhere with the Yochi Yochi Portable High Chair/ Child Harness #Review #YochiYochiPortableHighChair


Jax is officially on the loose and he can run off and disappear in about two seconds flat! I always thought leashes on children were cruel; until I had kids of my own. Now I get it!

I like things that are muti functional so when I saw the Yochi Yochi portable high chair doubled as a leash, I had to have one!

The main function is actually a portable high chair, designed to fit most chairs for when you are on the go! Most restaurants have high chairs but sometimes there are none available and a lot of times the safety strap is broken! Enter this portable high chair!


It’s super easy to use! It goes between their legs and has a thick velcro strap in the back that easily adjusts to your child. There is another strap that can go around the back to attach it to a regular chair. This also is the strap that can double as a leash.

There are many things I like about this setup. It’s super lightweight so it ads almost nothing to throw it in your diaper bag. Since it’s all soft material it can be squished pretty small to shove into tight spaces! It’s also mesh so if you’re using it as a leash outside, your child won’t get overheated by it.

Since it goes between the legs it’s really much more comfortable and safe than some of the other leashes I’ve seen. it’s not going to put pressure or squeeze your child if you tug on it a little.


Jax didn’t love when I put it on him but within minutes he forgot it was there so I know it’s comfortable for him.

Another place you can use this is in a shopping cart. Again, about half the time I put Jax in a cart, the safety strap is broken. And even when it’s not, they never seem to be the right height or easy to adjust. The Yochi Yochi is all you need to safely strap in your child!


When you are on the go and in need of a high chair or leash, this is everything you need in one convenient little package!



Product Description

As a mom (or dad) like you, I have my hands full so I love things that will make my life easier. I import and sell products only after I’ve personally used and fell in love with. Yochi Yochi is one of them.

If you’re using it as a portable high chair, you can strap it onto almost all chairs. It’s for babies from 6 months, up to preschoolers. I actually still use one on my 6 yr old since he is not good at sitting still at dinner time. It’s super easy to use. It straps baby securely and you will have no concerns about baby falling out.

As a walking harness, Yochi is great for toddlers just starting to walk, but can be used for older kids. This is especially great if you are in crowded environments and you want to keep your children close, but still allow them the freedom to walk by themselves. Yochi Yochi is a great accessory for trips to Disney or the mall during Christmas season, or whenever you just need to keep them close.

Your Yochi Yochi also helps you strap baby into any shopping cart. You go shopping and you put baby into the cart but there is no safety strap, or the strap that’s there is broken or baby is able to get him/ herself out of it. Yochi Yochi is great for keeping them safe and securely strapped into you cart.



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