Save your Seats from the Kickers with a Seat Back Protector #SeatBackCover

316b747d0a6dd57b6281936e1c77f1bebac564e3What is it about the back of a seat that makes kids instantly want to put their feet up and kick? From the moment my kids could stretch out and reach that seat back in front of them, they were kicking!

My kids are pretty good now about not kicking the seat in front of them but they just can’t seem to resist the urge to put their feet up. I also carpool and have other children in my van at times that like to kick. Seat back cover’s are a necessity in my van, especially since we have light tan interior!

I have a seat back cover on the back of one of the seats and it has really helped. The only downside is it only came with one and doesn’t have the pockets like this set.

It comes in a pack of two which makes sense. Who only has one seat back in their car?


They are super easy to put on with the click of a buckle. There is no tricky installation or directions needed. My favorite part is the vinyl and mesh pockets. You can store game devices and tables in the vinyl pocket if your child wants to play or watch a video in the car. The other mesh pocket is great for things like drinks, sunglasses, snacks or whatever else you want your child to have easy access to.


This seat of Seat Back Cover’s was exactly what I needed for my van. They are so affordable and will save me from having to constantly get my interior detailed!




Product Description

Keep vehicle seats clean and in excellent shape with Seat Back Protectors to eliminate dirty, soiled feet on the backs of seats and increase resale value and prevent extra cost when returning your lease. Large vinyl window For IPad Mini Or Tablet with mesh pocket to keep kids organized while the water resistant auto seatback cover protects your investment. High Quality Kick Mats that are easy to install.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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