Beautiful Pearls for Every Taste

Pearls are an ancient jewel that have always been treasured by women around the world, and their incredible beauty continues to be timeless. Most women own at least one piece of jewelry that features pearls, and many have a collection of pearl rings, bracelets and necklaces. Pearls are such a versatile jewel; they are elegant enough to accentuate the most formal attire while still being appropriate for everyday wear.

For many years pearls were harvested from wild oysters that were collected by divers from the ocean floor. South Sea and Tahitian pearls are created naturally and can still be found in the tropical seas. While this occupation continues, the world’s demand for beautiful pearls cannot be satisfied through the collection of wild oysters alone. Akoya pearls are produced artificially when a grain of sand is inserted into a small oyster. These pearls originate in Japan where pearl “farmers” are able to produces a large quantity of these pearls which tend to be smaller than pearls harvested in the wild.

The typical shape of a pearl is round but several other shapes are available. These variations include half-round, teardrop, blister and button pearls. These pearls are even more highly valued if they are wild or created naturally. The most common color for pearls is white, but they also appear in varying shades of pink, green, blue or black. The intensity of a pearl’s color can range from distinct to nearly undetectable. The inner surface of an oyster shell is iridescent, and the pearl created by that oyster will have the same luster on its surface. The substance that this coating is made of is called nacre, and it is composed of a combination of calcite and calcium carbonate.

Jewelry settings that feature pearls are varied in material and size to best accentuate the shape, color and size of the pearl. Precious metals are the best option for pearls, and settings often include diamonds or other precious gems to set off the beauty of this stunning gem. Anyone wishing to purchase a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry can visit online stores such as Laguna Pearl to choose the pearl necklace, bracelet or ring that is perfect for them.

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