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IMG_8235There are so many things in life we take for granted. I really try not to spoil my children and instill good morals in them but when you think about the fact that water is something we take for granted, it really puts things in perspective.

Every day while we waste water letting our sprinklers run into the street and leaving the faucet dripping, people are dying because they don’t have a basic necessity to live.

When we received this umbrella from World Vision, it was the perfect opportunity to talk to my kids about water. It just so happened to be a rainy week so we had the chance to use this beautiful umbrella. While I love the blue and white classic look; what’s important is what it represents. The blue and white represent water and the fact that not everyone has it.


Today is World Water Day; a day to remember that not everyone has safe water to drink. World Vision helps to get water to people all over the world that otherwise do without.


You can purchase things from their gift catalogue that is giving a gift in more than one way. All proceeds go to those in need and you get a beautiful gift in return. One such item is this beautiful Royal Silk Scarf.


Help where it’s needed most — AND receive a gift for yourself or someone you care about! With your gift of $95 or more to help where most needed — which provides for the unique needs of children and families worldwide — you will receive this lovely silk scarf. Vietnam’s Ma Chau villagers weave these traditional silky smooth scarves, helping to provide them with a sustainable income.

Approximate size: 68″”. Each is unique; size and color may vary slightly.

Please note your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $22.

Allow 7-10 days for delivery of handcrafted gifts.

The colors are such a beautiful representation of water and rain and I love the little details like the small knots on the end of the rope like tassels. They are so delicate and beautiful.

The next time you need to give a gift, remember that there are those that do without basic necessities to live and you can help them at the same time. You can also always make a donation directly on the World Vision website.




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  1. laurie murley says:

    I would love to have the Hand-woven Thai purse

  2. I think the Multi-Colored Beaded Cross Necklace would be a nice gift

  3. Holly Thomas says:

    Silver Vines Cuff would be a great gift.

  4. Gina Aten says:

    the promise pack would make a great gift for the world vision kids

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