Springtime is Here and that Means Barbecue Time! This Great Aussie Grill Brush is the Tool for You! #GreatAussieGrillBrush #Review

I realized last summer ended and I never cleaned my BBQ. Um…yeah. The weather is warming up now and I think it is time to start grilling again! Well, opening my new Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush gave me hope that I could conquer this task before me and even grill something today!

I did warm up the grill before I began and actually because of all the ash and crumbs the grill got super duper hot! I could see a ton of fire going on inside the grill so I knew I had to clean the entire grill if I wanted anything I was going to BBQ to be edible. I worked and worked and took the whole BBQ apart.

My grill was a disaster. I almost had the thought that maybe we should just go get a new one! Ha! No, that is not an option and that’s not really what I would do anyway. Slowly I saw progress and thought how I was not going to let the grill get this bad again even if cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do.

This Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush is pretty hefty and looks like a big round wire brush. It is very poky and has good length bristles and a nice long handle. I do not use any sprays or chemicals or anything to clean so I just brushed and brushed and brushed…and had to dump out a heap of crumbs and ash out of the bottom tray of the BBQ.

Finally I put everything back together and even washed down the outside. Oh, I feel so much better it is all clean! The Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush was just that, great!

8aff72f77643f16fbdb27ac09f0d3475008fab6bProduct Description

The Great Aussie Grill Brush makes cleaning your Barbeque grills and grates easy. This brush gives you the SECRET to Great BBQ Grilling. The INNOVATIVE AUSTRALIAN DESIGN makes this the BEST BRUSH ON THE MARKET for cleaning between the grill grates to remove baked on grease and grime. EXTRA BRISTLES have been added to allow all angles to be covered.

This 18 INCH grill brush is HEAVY DUTY. It is the perfect size and shape for SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE cleaning. Its LONG HANDLE allows long flowing brush strokes and EASY CLEANING while the grill is still hot without the steam or heat burning your hands. The STRENGTH and STURDINESS of this brush also allows you to use some “ELBOW GREASE” to remove baked on BBQ cooking residue where necessary.


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