The LINKON Power Blok Portable External Battery Charger for Apple iPhone is a Superpower! #BatteryCharger

81LShKZB1ZL._SL1500_I have had so many problems with keeping my phone charged! The iPhone really sucks the life out of the battery quickly and mine is even worse right now because I think it’s on it’s way out.

I loved the look of this LINKON Power blok battery charger. Even though it’s just superficial it reminded me of our Apple TV and all things Apple!

My husband and I both have iPhones and we have an iPad as well. We have different chargers for all of them so it was nice that this came with all different adapters so we could use it for everything we needed.


This literally comes with everything you need which I always appreciate. Even though I have a lot of USB cables, it annoys me when something is required to use but doesn’t come with it. I like to keep one with each thing it’s needed for so I don’t have to go on the hunt. It even comes with a storage pouch for when it’s not in use.

My husband stole this the second he saw it so I had to steal it back to see how it worked! You simply use the included USB cable to first charge it and then it’s a little block of power, ready to charge whatever you need when you don’t have an outlet available.

We do lots of day trips and it’s nice to be able to take this and have the security of knowing I can always charge my phone. My son has been sick a lot this year and I’ve spent countless hours in waiting rooms of Doctors and Hospitals watching my battery drain away on my phone with no way of charging it.

My favorite thing about this that really sets it apart from others I’ve tried is that it has a LED indicator light tells you how much charge is left. Most don’t and I don’t see why not! It’s kind of an important thing to know. Not only that but because of it’s size and strength, it lasts longer than others I’ve tried as well.


This little block of power has given me the peace of mind that I need and helped me be able to stay in contact with loved ones.




Product Description


Stay Charged. Stay Connected.
The LINKON Power Stick is one of the most popular portable chargers out there. Built with quality and functionality in mind, you can always trust on LINKON to get you through the day.

The LINKON Difference
Most chargers never tell you exactly how much battery is left but the LINKON Power Blok offers a LED display to show you exactly how much power is remaining so you are never left guessing.
Simple Plug & Play – Connect the cable and charging begins, it’s that simple!
Automatic Shut Down – The charger will automatically turn off after 30 seconds when not connected. Never have to worry about accidentally discharging the battery again.
Aluminum Alloy Casing – Strong and durable shell to ensure the battery charger will accompany you for many years.
Portable for Absolute Convenience – Ultra compact means you can carry it anywhere.
Cables and Pouch Included – Package includes FREE Micro USB cable, iPhone 4&5 adapter and carry pouch valued over $15.

The LINKON Promise
To demonstrate the confidence we have in our product and our commitment to you, we offer 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked if you are not satisfied with our product, that’s our promise. But that is not all, every product comes with 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.

Never get stranded with a dead battery again! Buy now and enjoy the freedom of staying connected wherever you go with the LINKON Power Blok!


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