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Poor Jax has had such a rough year! Right after his first birthday in December he got sick and since then has done five different courses of antibiotics for ear infections and pneumonia. Each time it came back he had to do a longer and stronger dose of antibiotics and this has just wreaked havoc on his stomach leaving him with the most awful diaper rash I’ve ever seen!

I have tried quite a few different things for it but none was completely effective. I remember how well Weleda worked for my friends baby when he had eczema so I wanted to try the new White Mallow Diaper Rash Cream.

At $15 it’s more pricey than it’s competitors but after what Jax has been through, I’m willing to pay more if it works. And it does! I used it for the first time at night before bed. It came out a little faster and creamier than I’m used to but still provided a great solid barrier between him and his diaper.

When he woke up in the morning his rash was gone! Not just better but gone completely! I started using this all the time and just putting it on with every diaper change while he was on antibiotics whether he was red or not.

It’s awful to see my baby in pain and he’s already suffered so much this year. Diaper rash just added insult to injury but Weleda helped give him comfort when he needed it!


Product Description

Effectively relieves and protects from diaper rash

Fragrance free and especially made for highly sensitive skin, this fast-working diaper rash cream, made with nature-identical, pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, effectively relieves skin irritation due to diaper rash. It contains 86% organic ingredients, including white mallow extract to soothe sensitive skin, organic coconut oil, which moisturizes with a cooling effect, and sesame seed oil to help heal and nourish skin.

Tip: Use this cream at least twice a day on sensitive skin to help soothe, protect and moisturize.

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