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xzwfCiEK_400x400Now that I’m less than a year away from forty I am a lot more conscious of taking care of my skin. I don’t like to use cheap, over the counter drug store products anymore. To me, my face is worth a little bit of an investment! I’d like to keep it looking good as long as possible!

While I’m familiar with the name Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, this is my first time using them. I tried three different things: the gentle eye and face makeup remover, the foundation duo and survival kit.

The Gentle Eye and Face Makeup Remover

I am not proud of this fact but I’m really bad about washing my face at night. I don’t know what it is at the end of the day about getting my face wet but I just don’t want to do it. I HAVE to use makeup remover if I don’t want to go to bed with a disgusting face!

It’s the little things that make life easy and I liked that this bottle has subtle indentations on the side that make it easy to squeeze. There is a small opening control top to make sure you don’t use too much. I just squeezed some out onto a cotton ball and quickly wiped away the days makeup.


The true test of these is always the eyes. I hate when my eyes hurt or sting from makeup remover. Obviously I try not to get it IN my eyes but it happens when you are rubbing off eyeliner and mascara! This went on easy and didn’t irritate my eyes a bit!

$ 24.00 USD
Just as important to beautiful skin as the make up you put on, is the way you take it off. Our Gentle Eye & Face Make Up Remover makes it easy and refreshing. Never oily or greasy, it feels just like pure water, but works much faster, and is a lot gentler on your skin. Wake up with healthier skin and a clean, fresh face to apply your make up!


The Foundation Duo

I usually use liquid foundation. It’s not my favorite thing in the world but it seems to provide the best, even coverage. I really loved how this included TWO shades of color. It is SO hard to get skin color matching right with foundation, especially now with the changing seasons and my skin getting more sun. I found that one side was a little too light but blending it made it the perfect shade.

When we are in summer I’ll need the darker side and winter the lighter but it’s nice to blend for everything in between!

This is a great quality little compact and I love being able to put on foundation without the mess! I’ll never go back to liquid.

The “No Make Up” Make Up®
$ 29.95 USD
The essence of Victoria’s “No Make Up” Make Up® – the Foundation Duo. It’s sheer, light and oil free, so you can conceal, correct and camouflage without caking or clogging your pores. Whether you need light or full coverage, creating a beautiful canvas couldn’t be easier with two skin perfecting shades that can be used alone or blended to perfectly match your complexion.


The Survival Kit

I had to save the best for last! The survival kit is just that! It’s everything you need for your face in one sweet little package. From lipstick to eyeshadow and even mascara, you have everything you need for makeup on the go in this tiny little package.


It was fun opening up all the little compartments and drawers and discovering the treasures within! I like that they thought of everything and even gave you options to choose from! The brushes and mirror complete your needs so you literally can do your entire face with this little gem.

The only thing I didn’t love was the lipstick since they are in the same matte form as eyeshadows and have to be applied with a tiny little brush. I wouldn’t do it all the time but it’s great in an emergency! I keep this in my purse in the car.

As a busy mom, I don’t always have time for makeup as I’m rushing out the door! But then I’ll find some random downtime waiting in the car at school or picking up my kids at practice. If I haven’t found time to do my makeup yet, I just bust out my little kit and I’m good to go!

All-In-One Essential For Eyes, Lips & Cheeks
$ 39.95 USD
Need a lipstick? How about 5 choices. Eye shadow? It’s got 10 knock-out shades. The ultimate go to beauty arsenal, its little drawers and secret compartments reveal a treasure trove of makeup essentials, and then some. Go AM to PM in one simple stroke. At any age, and for any occasion, you simply cannot live without the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit.


My Conclusion

I am thrilled with all three of these products and especially adore the foundation. At this point in my life I know what I like and don’t usually change much but Victoria Jackson has me sold on their products and will be my new go to source for most of them!




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