The Busy Mom’s Guide To Looking Fabulous Every Single Day

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When you have children, they take priority. That is only natural, and it should not surprise you all that much. You can still look beautiful, though, even when you only have a little time to spare. When you feel as though you look incredible, it changes your attitude towards everything in your life. You should make sure that you make the most of your looks as this will boost your confidence and make you happier than you are now. So, where should you begin? Read this busy mom’s guide to looking fabulous.


Prep your hair at night

You may have already got into the routine of showering at night, when the kids have gone to bed. After you have washed, though, you should spend five minutes sorting out your hair for the next day. Of course, you can dry and straighten your locks so that you wake up with poker straight hair. Failing that, you might want to tie your hair up in buns so that you get natural waves. Your hairstyle says a lot about you, and so you need to get it right.


Get perfect skin

If you want to spend less time messing around with your foundation, you ought to take care of your skin. When your skin looks naturally flawless, you won’t need to spend so long covering it up all the time. You can now get microderm MD machines to use at home. If you use a machine treatment every few months, you can get rid of any imperfections on your face. That in itself will save you loads of time because it will mean that you don’t have to worry about using loads of foundation and concealer.


Always carry dry shampoo

When you’re looking after your little ones, it means that you are always on the go. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wash your hair at all, which can be a nightmare. You should make sure that you always have a bottle of dry shampoo to hand. If you need a quick fix for your hair, you can use this product to sort it out. Spray the shampoo on the roots of your hair and rub it into your scalp. You can then backcomb your locks for a beautiful thick hair look. If you don’t happen to have any dry shampoo at any point, you can use talcum powder instead.


Find a makeup routine you love

You don’t have to have a super complicated makeup routine to look your best. Sometimes, the simplest effects look the best. For example, you should find a color eye shadow that suits you well. You can use that color each day so that you don’t have to spend time choosing from different shadows. You should make sure that you have a basic routine you can use on a daily basis. When you are going out somewhere special, you can afford to experiment and spend a little time on your makeup.


Drink loads of tea

You might not think that this step sounds like a beauty tip at all, but it is. If you want to look incredible all the time, you should start drinking more tea than you do now. As a rule, nobody drinks enough water. Experts recommend that you drink around three liters of water every day. If you can’t manage that, start drinking cups of tea through the day. That way, you will get the water you need to keep your skin looking youthful. This step will also help to enhance the look of your hair.

Remember – it doesn’t matter how much time you have to spare; you always have time to look fabulous!


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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