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All three of my kids love putting things together. Even Jax at fourteen months has already shown interest in the older kids Lego sets and anything that requires assembly. Obviously those are a bit too complex for him but when I saw the Click-A-Brick set I thought it would be something fun to work on with him.

The manufacturer recommended age is 4 – 12 so these obviously weren’t designed for a baby/toddler either. However, the parts, with the exception of the eyeballs, aren’t as much of a choking hazard as Legos are and I ONLY do this with him under my constant supervision.

That being said, my five and seven year olds could do this on their own and don’t make me do all the work the way my little one does! There are just thirty pieces but that’s all you need. As a mom, I appreciate anything where there aren’t a thousand pieces! Thirty is really all you need.

What sets this apart from Legos or other building toys is the way that the little bricks have the holes and connectors only in certain places. Sometimes they have to be turned or moved a certain way to get them to fit. At first, I was bugged by this. Then I read the product description (provided below) that explained that this is intentional to teach kids with their spacial reasoning and dexterity. After I read that, I understood the concept more.

It comes with specific directions for the lion only and the rest just have pictures.


I admit, even I struggled with trying to copy the giraffe from the picture when I got to the bottom and couldn’t see exactly how it was done.


Luckily Jax took off with it to play before I could finish it. It’s definitely a challenge since even an adult struggled with it!


My five year old is my very creative child and luckily enjoys building things on her own. I feel like five is the perfect age for these because she could put them together and take them apart without any help from me and really enjoyed working with them.

The Click-A-Bricks are much more of a challenge than any building set we’ve owned. If your kids love a challenge, and you don’t mind helping; then these are a great learning tool!



Product Description

The Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari set is an educational building block set for children aged 4 and up. What makes this product unique is the way the blocks connect to each other. Rather than connecting in just one way, Click-A-Brick’s can be connected from all sides and corners; even forming diagonal lines.

This way of building helps children improve motor and dexterity skills as well as their spatial reasoning. The Animal Kingdom Safari set comes with instructions on how to build a lion. The other animals – wolf, monkey, camel, and giraffe – are pictured on the instruction sheet. There are no directions on how to build these because they are supposed to challenge the child to create them on their own after they learn how to make the lion.

Click-A-Brick also helps nurture a child’s imagination and creativity by allowing them to build anything they can think of – in 3D. Many different shapes and creations can be made, spurring the child’s imagination further with each one. The product is very durable as well; where the child can actually play with the creation they made – or quickly disassemble it to make another.


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