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The book I’m Dreaming About by Dan Jackson is a quick read about a dog named Max and some of his dreams. It includes some facts as well as information about what psychologists understand about dogs dreams. My boys and I read a lot of, no I mean really a lot of books each day and we welcome new books.

This book has printable coloring pages. This is great for those kids who like to color. My kids color with crafts, but they do not often color a coloring page so we have not used these yet. There is also a page to print out so your kids can think, talk and/or write about what they dream about. We talk about this all the time and have even before we read this book because my seven year old has lots of dreams. The book is a good trigger for conversations about dreams if you do not already talk about them.

eBooks are a great way to add new books for your children everyday! We go to the library, we own a ton of books, we always get/buy new books for holidays and even just because, but there is something about reading a new book that is great and exciting for my kids…and for me every time. The book I’m Dreaming About… will be one of those books we have read and may not come back to for a while, but knowing I can access it from my phone is helpful for our busy lives.

We do some errands in the car every week that sometimes requires waiting. I usually pack a bag with books and a couple toys to keep us entertained. Sometimes I forget, so having this book to access from my phone is wonderful. We will read it on those days when I forget to plan and we need something to read because it is always good for ME to have a plan for when I forget!

About the Book

Want your kids to learn about dreams?

This is Max. Max is a six-year-old dog. He likes to dream. He dreams about sailing, traveling, and more.

Come join Max and his dreams with this fun and informative, colorful e-book.
This beginner reader’s e-book will inspire young ones to learn about dogs and dreams while hearing or reading an engaging story.
Children will enjoy full-color illustrations of Max and his dreams.

Young readers will:

1. Learn facts about dreams
2. Be curious and ask questions
3. Tell you about their dreams
4. Enjoy a book about dogs

This is a sweet children’s book written primarily for children ages four to eight years old. Targeting beginner readers, the book contains simple text and colorful illustrations.

Each page also includes educational information about dreams.

The story is suitable to be read out loud to preschoolers or as a self-read book for beginner readers.

Bonus: Black and white images to print out and color.

Parents: At the end of the book, it asks, “What is your dream?” Ask your child to tell you about his or her dream. Build a conversation around the topic to promote discussions about dreams.


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