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My Thoughts

My five year old daughter adores cats and kittens so when I saw this Russ Berrie Yomiko Grey Tabby Cat I knew I had to have it for her!

I was surprised at how lifelike this cat is! Several times now I have walked into Paige’s room and done a double take because it looks like a real cat is sitting there!

IMG_8340It is much heavier and of better quality than your typical stuffed animal. It’s nice and thick and the fur is so plush. I really like the attention to detail, like the hair coming out of it’s ears and the cut little spots around the nose. It’s so realistic looking!

Paige carries this cat around with her wherever she goes. He eats, sleeps and watches TV with her!

IMG_8342I’m not usually surprised by prices in a good way but I was literally shocked to see this priced at $5.99. You usually can’t even get a cheaply made stuffed animal for that!

I’m not a huge fan of stuffed animals, mainly because they seem useless to me but I like when we find a good one that my kids actually play with. This Tabby Cat is like a little friend and will hopefully appease Paige of her desire to have a real kitten, at least for a little while!




Product Description

This Yomiko stuffed Grey Tabby by Russ Berrie looks so life-like and soft. Each piece exhibits air brushed features, crystal eyes and is hand trimmed. This beautiful sitting cat has beautiful expressive lime eyes and white paws. Made with plush Caress fabric which is remarkably soft to the touch. These realistic and quality plush felines are sure to delight Cat Lovers of All Ages!

So realistic you’ll swear you heard a purr!
High quality material and realistic design.
Very soft, cute, and adorable.
Fun and excellent educational tool for children.
Ideal gift for animal lovers and enthusiasts
Surface washable
Includes The Yomiko Classics Charm and Special Hangtag

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