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My Thoughts

Since my six year old started first grade, he started using computers in school! He keeps asking me to get him one but that’s just not in the budget right now! Luckily his Papa handed down his iPad to him so that temporarily satisfied him. What he really missed though was having a keyboard. When I saw this Keyboard and Case in one from SleekTech, I knew it was the perfect solution!

We have tried using a Bluetooth keyboard with his iPad and while it works, it’s not ideal. It doesn’t have it’s own case so I worry about him taking it anywhere. Plus it’s just not convenient to have two separate things and it’s easily misplaced since it’s not use every time the iPad is used.

This case actually has an attached keyboard, setting it apart from anything else I’ve seen. If you don’t need the keyboard, it can be tucked behind out of sight.

61tkMk3e1iL._SL1024_The whole thing collapses and stores as one sleek case.


It’s also available in red and blue in addition to the black. At $49.99 I was surprised at the price. I paid more than this JUST for a bluetooth wireless keyboard and many cases run this high as well. To get both in one is a steel!

I didn’t even get to the best part! No batteries! No charging! And it doesn’t drain your iPad any more than usual. It really is perfection!

The leather is soft and smooth and really has an elegant look to it! This keyboard and case in one is a must have!




Product Description

SleeKeys is the only Keyboard that works without Batteries or Bluetooth! Does not need any charging or pairing. No additional battery life is drained from the iPad when using SleeKeys. Simple and easy to use. Just flip over keyboard to use and flip it back to use your touch screen. It can’t get any simpler than that!
Unlike other keyboards that can only be used in an upright position , this keyboard can be used while sitting on the couch or even lying in bed!!
Works with iPad air, iPad air 1 and iPad 5 ONLY will NOT WORK with iPad air 2 or iPad 6. Travel-friendly SleeKeys is designed for on the go use. With no setup necessary, SleeKeys can be used virtually anywhere. Simply flip the keyboard on the screen to start typing.
Stylish Slim PU leather case that protects your iPad air from falls. Case looks like a fashionable leather notebook with magnetic closing belt.
3 features in 1 – Serves as a high quality protective case, keyboard and a 2 position stand.

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