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My one year old Jax just loves being read to and now that he is becoming so independent, he likes to “read” to himself! He will sit and flip through books for long periods of times and entertain himself just from the pictures and like this Tiny Bear’s Bible; books with texture!

The cover is a soft, cuddly teddy bear! I actually didn’t expect it to be quite so soft. Jax loves just carrying it around and hugging it almost like he would a read teddy bear. He just strokes the cover of it’s face.

IMG_8227Inside are eleven popular stories from the Bible and illustrations to go with them. I really liked that one illustration was of the Bible story and one would be of Tiny Love and how the story affects him today. For example, in the story of Noah’s Ark it shows Tiny Love with a rainbow over him and reminds him how God’s promises are still true today.



I was a little bit disappointed in the color and tone of the pictures because I felt like they were kind of subtle and muted which doesn’t make sense for a book targeted at babies and toddlers who respond to color. They were still cute and nicely depict the appropriate stories but I was surprised at how they didn’t pop off the pages as much as I expected.

Any connection to the Bible at this age is important and the Tiny Bear’s Bible is a clever way to do it. The soft cover will instantly draw them in and make them want to know what’s inside!



About the Book

A bear to hug, a Bible to love, and a promise to treasure: God loves you! Tiny Bear’s Bible is a warm and fuzzy reminder of how God loves his children—in a format kids can cuddle. Together with their friend Tiny Bear, children discover eleven Bible stories in a book they can carry with them wherever they go. Bestselling author, Sally Lloyd-Jones presents some of the most familiar Bible stories to children, which provides parents and grandparents lots of teachable, cuddly moments as they explore God’s love together.

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