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My Thoughts

I am one of those people that is of the school of thought that selfies are just a tad bit narcissistic. I don’t think I’m unattractive but I certainly don’t need to see pictures of myself. I just can’t imagine taking pictures of myself and posting them all the time but that’s what many people do!

I actually had a selfie stick that was given to me and I gave it away! The friend I gave it to made a comment that she wanted one for when they are doing family trips and want the whole family in the picture and either there is no one else around to take it, or they get tired of asking. Why had this never occurred to me before? I need a selfie stick!

Luckily I got this selfie stick from Solo so I was smart enough to try it out for myself instead of passing it on!

I am not all that technical of a person so I really don’t like things that are hard to set up. This was so easy it was a relief!

First I charged it in my computer with the included USB cable. I didn’t time it but the indicator light shut off in less than an hour. Then I got my phone and went into the settings and clicked on Bluetooth and turned it on. It immediately found the winnersun and I was good to go!

To do a little comparison, first I took a selfie with just my camera. Yes that was painful. (Please excuse the mess behind me. I’m a mother of three).

IMG_8183Next I put my camera in my solo stick. It was easy to pull the top to fit my phone in and then it closed over it to keep it secure and from being dropped. My phone is much safer this way than in my hands! Just ask the crack on my screen.

I was a little bummed that it didn’t fit my phone horizontally and that I had to put it in sideways. However, I quickly realized that the stick arm could bend and adjust and all I had to do was turn the phone using the selfie stick arm/handle to get it to take a horizontal pic. I took this picture.


I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t that impressed. I didn’t look any different. If anything I looked closer. Isn’t this supposed to extend how far I can take a picture from? OH, you have to EXTEND the arm! Luckily I realized this before I wrote a bad review. The arm extends with a simple pull and then you get much more distance!


Surprise! Much better! I’m so impressed I will now be taking selfie’s and posting them all day long. Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that. But I WILL use this whenever my family or a group of us want to get in a shot together without sitting on top of each other, literally!

I now completely understand the benefit of having a Selfie Stick. It’s not JUST for when you want to take pictures of yourself (although it’s obviously great for that). If you just want to get a bigger shot of the background or a group of people, a selfie stick is the way to go!




Product Description

The selfie stick by Solo Stick is the ultimate way to capture awesome selfies, pictures and videos with your smartphone. The built-in Bluetooth shutter button located on the handle of the stick makes it quick and easy to capture memorable moments. It extends up to 2.5 feet to give you more room in every shot!


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy


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    Yeah it is definitely helpful or let say a Selfie Stick Pro is a example of a simple machine for camera phones. 🙂

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